What's Happened to World News?

12.04.08 | Comments[4]

BioElizabethWAs I have watched and reported on the recent tragedies unfolding in Mumbai, India, I am reminded of how rare it is to have international news reported in the mainstream media for longer than 90 seconds time.

Anymore, it seems the only international stories that we give lengthy coverage to are the ones that have a direct impact on the United States or the stories which have a tabloid/sensational factor- blood, death, or scandal. I am bothered by the lack of coverage given to important events and issues happening around the world because they're deemed to be irrelevant to our nation.  I ask the question-shouldn't all events and issues taking place in the world we live in be relevant to us? 

Who's to blame for our apparent un-interest in world news and events? I place the bulk of that blame on those in my profession- the media.  Journalists say they are only reporting what the American people care about and the issues important to them. I argue  that it's the it's largely the responsibility of us in the field to determine what penetrates the media barrier and set the precedent about what the public should be concerned about. We have given immense coverage to terrorist attacks  in Mumbai-and rightly so- but is that situation given coverage due to our actual concern for the Indian people and effects this has on their country or due to our own fear of terrorism here and the fact that Western hostages were involved? I am not saying that coverage of the Mumbai situation is wrong or unjust - in fact I applaud the fact that American media is taking such an interest.  My only hope is that this interest is heartfelt and not motivated out of the "juicy" factor this news generates.  I also wish that this much interest could also be taken on a daily basis for other, equally important (although not as splashy) events around our world such as the drought in Zimbabwe, continuing agricultural problems in Haiti, and even water problems in Italy.

The media isn't only to blame- some responsibility should be shared by the American people as well. Over the year we have somehow allowed ourselves to become less interested in or worse yet-have stopped caring all together, about the greater picture. We are not a world of one giant nation rather we are one nation in a giant world. It's my belief to be a great people- not just as Americans but also as Christians- we need to be educated on the events taking place around us so we can better understand how to serve those around us.



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on 12.16.08 Nancy & John Weaver commented

You go girl!! we are so proud of you!! It may be too easy and comfortable to be interested in only what is directly related to us. Is it because when we see problems,like in Zimbabwe, we are at a loss to know what we can DO to help alleviate even a little pain others face? Then again, our hearts and heads can only absorb so much unrest and pain, even if it relates to the U.S. Maybe media could Ferret out some kudos to organizations that are making a positive difference with the heavier global issues, and sprinkle a few tidbits in now and then. As Christians, we are called to service to "the least of these" for Christ

on 01.19.09 Chris Saunderlin commented

I work in a grocery store in Williamsport and was talking to a truck driver the other night. He made the comment that he runs from Rochester to Williamsport and he has truck radio on FLN all the time, even his home radios. The reason? Because he likes the music and the news tells so much more of the story. My husband used to work for a roofing company up in NY. His crew also preferred to listen to FLN. This was not a bunch of Christians, believe me. The reason? Because FLN's news was so much more unbiased and complete. Way to go FLN.

on 01.19.09 Ellen Shepherd commented

Okay. I can finally almost agree with something you have written. The media is free in America, but let us not also remember is it privatized, which means the primary objective for reporting is to stay in business. It is much easier, in our dumbed down America, to report on the instantaneous rather to report on the truth, yet truth is what the American people want to hear. If you with to carry the torch to be more responsible in your reporting, I will be the first listener to support more truth and less rhetoric. Oh, yes, a small reminder. Truth is factual, but facts are not always truthful, so greater analysis is also required for truth in journalism to prevail. Good luck.

on 01.01.12 Dale commented

THE NEWS MEDIA Does not give both sides like FLN only one side, the evil side to tickle the ears of what evil people want to hear, to tear down any good that may be their.