What Hath Golisano Wrought?

06.23.09 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[0]

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There is an old saying in politics: don’t get mad, don’t get angry, just get even. Take the three time New York gubernatorial candidate and billionaire -- Tom Golisano. He spent millions of dollars to help get a number of reform Democrats elected or re-elected to the New York State Senate last November so the Democrats could take over the chamber and reform the dysfunctional way that politicians have conducted business in Albany for decades.

Well, after the Democrats were elected and took control of the Senate, there was little or no reform. In fact, the three men in a room model of New York governance continued, and the Democratic Majority Leader Malcolm Smith -- who Golisano had helped to get re-elected -- treated Golisano in a cavalier and disrespectful manner.

Instead of getting angry and mad, Golisano worked behind the scenes to get even by wooing two Democrats over to the Republican side to give the Republicans just enough votes to stage a coup and take control of the Senate.

That was two weeks ago. But then -- just last week -- one of the two switched back to the Democratic side. That left the Senate in a total state of chaos, pandemonium, and gridlock with 31 Senators standing with the Republicans and 31 with the Democrats.

If only the Democrats had been nice and had shown respect for Tom Golisano, this whole episode might have been avoided with Golisano not having to get even.

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