What a Philly Abortion Doctor Says About the Abortion Debate

01.27.11 | Bob Price | Comments[5]

The absolute vomit-inducing news of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who now faces 8 counts of murder for the death of a patient and 7 viable babies, sent a chill down my spine. And what he said after his arrest put a knot in my stomach. This is a man who severed the spinal cords of children with a pair of scissors, and then had the audacity to ask the judge at his arraignment, "why am I facing 8 counts of murder?."

Gosnell is the epitome of all that is wrong in the abortion rights camp. His butcher business went unregulated for over a decade while women and their babies were sent to be slaughtered. I find it disturbing as well, that after this monster was exposed, Pennsylvania officials promised abortion clinics would be safe, again. "Safe abortion clinics" – now there’s an oxymoron.

As heinous as this story is, it sheds a light on the culture of death that permeates the abortion industry. Not surprisingly, the Dr. Gosnell story did not receive much national media attention at all. In fact, ABC news never mentioned it – NBC shot a passing glance, CBS – a paragraph. Dr. Gosnell made millions of dollars by performing late-term abortions on hundreds of poor minority women on the west side of Philadelphia over a 30 year period.

This ugly reality of what the abortion industry is really like is the reason I believe that more Americans call themselves pro-life than pro-choice. The latest Gallup survey has it at 49 to 47 percent. 50 million lives have been lost since since Roe-V-Wade, and while there are still a million abortions a year in America, I believe we will see those numbers decline as more and more women learn the truth about what is involved in an abortion procedure.

When women are empowered and are exposed to ultrasound technology, medical counseling, adoption referral information, they tend to keep their baby. This is a positive sign and we need to do all we can to promote and support pregnancy help centers that promote knowledge and the culture of life in America.


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on 02.14.11 DaleHersh commented

He asks why 8 counts of murder!Any other case this person would be sent to the electric chair.The evil of today (SATAN)has taken over human minds,to the point they think this is OK.God is still in control and he will have the last say on judgement day.THANKS BE TO GOD!!

on 03.07.11 davansta commented

the only thing holding back a tidal wave of evil is the influence of the church. in our own sphere of influence, we can be advocates for these defenseless human beings. at the workplace (when appropriate), around the kitchen table, at the store, whenever an opportunity arises. is it popular or comfortable, no, but it is necessary.

on 04.11.11 fitti pop commented

I have heard many people who say they believe in God, but support this cruel and unGodly act of murder. How can this be? All support for Abortion clinics needs to cease and this Doctor's crime and punishment should set the standard for us to say enough. We are not allowing this to go any further. Abortion is murder and that's my final answer.

on 02.17.12 Julia commented

THats so sad that at this very moment there is a child somewhere that is bein killed for no good reason. it is sad that our country thinks that it is even close to alright to kill defensless babies. I've had sevral friends in the postion where they cannot keep their baby. I am very happy to say though that they put them up for adoption. At least they still have a chance to live a happy life .When a baby has no chance to say 'oh no i'd like to stay alive' because they can't make that decision other people have no right to kill them God has a purpose for every one of them that is why that child was put in that woman's womb. i find it very sad and scary to read about people like this that have no idea or just don't care about people's lives It's like HELLO ANY BODY IN THERE. Where's the guilt where the feelings that God has given everyone of us.

on 02.17.12 Jacob commented

I don't like the fact that our govt. is allowing abortion.this is wrong there people to, their just little babys trying to have there chance at life.