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11.03.09 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[0]

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In a recent editorial, the New York Times lowered the boom on the embarrassing state of New York State politics. It said, “The state has become a national embarrassment, a swamp of intrigue and corruption, a $131 billion dollar monster controlled by a crowd of smug officials whose main concern is keeping their soft jobs.”

The editorial went on to say: “The clock is ticking. Unless the Albany crowd pulls off some miracle it will be up to the voters to get them out, all of them.” Well, I want to congratulate the New York Times for its straight talk on the circus that is Albany.

I only wish that the newspaper had also lowered the boom on the circus that is Harrisburg. After all, Pennsylvania’s State Senators and Representatives -- along with Governor Ed Rendell -- threw the Keystone State into chaos and confusion by passing a budget 101 days late.

During this period, the political circus performers in Harrisburg demonstrated a gross indifference to the people of Pennsylvania, a dysfunctional and blind obsession with party politics, a disgraceful fixation with scoring political points, and the kind of political behavior expected of  twelve and thirteen year olds. All of which adds up to political negligence and dereliction of duty of the worst kind.

Indeed, the citizens of Pennsylvania now have 101 reasons to throw the gang in Harrisburg out of office. Unfortunately, the political shenanigans of both those in Albany and Harrisburg are unlikely to lead to the defeat of many incumbents. You see, many voters have forgiving hearts, short memories, and even a high tolerance for politicians behaving badly. Furthermore, many voters who generally despise the rascals in Albany and Harrisburg think that the particular politicians they vote for do a great job.

So, the bottom line: Lots of people are currently fed up with the politicians in Albany and Harrisburg. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to lead to throwing the political rascals out of office.

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