Volunteer in the Kitchen at Sharathon

03.26.10 | Sherri Watters | Comments[1]

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Come one, come all to join us at our Spring Sharathon April 7-10 at the Family Life Center in Bath, NY. We are still in need of early morning shifts to be filled to help get the day going and get Sonny his bacon along with about 60 other volunteers and staff. Also I believe that Darcie Schwarz has some late shifts to fill. It is a fun time of fellowship as we chop, dice, saute' and prepare the food to bless all who are coming to see the events that are in store for them this year at our headquarters!

If you want to help out with our culinary needs, contact Darcie by email, or by calling 800-927-9083 x258.

Thanks for all your participation, God bless!


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on 08.09.10 Kevin Gee commented

Hi Sherri, remember me? I volunteered in the kitchen about 3 weeks ago for Camp Edge and I have a son with addison's disease. I talked with you about bentonite clay and its ability to cleanse the liver. I was wondering if you could think of any other things my son might benefit from. Please contact me at kevingee.gee1@gmail.com

Kevin Gee