Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Tuesday

09.07.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[2]

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It's time for a thumbs up and thumbs down commentary. 

  • I say thumbs up to all the fine men and women who are running for public office in New York and Pennsylvania. They do democracy proud. To eligible voters in New York, remember to get out and vote in the primary a week from today. And to voters in both states, get out and vote in the November 2nd general election.
  • I say thumbs down to going after New York Governor David Paterson over Yankees tickets. My goodness, in my view that would be a waste of taxpayer money. Now if Red Sox tickets were involved, I might have a different opinion.
  • I say thumbs up to the Indian tribes in New York who are defending their sovereignty against the State of New York over the issue of cigarette taxes. The state should lay off the Indians and respect their sovereignty. Haven't Native Americans been through enough?
  • I say thumbs down to building a mosque and community center in Lower Manhattan just two blocks away from Ground Zero. Let's show respect and dignity to the victims of 9/11 and their families by building the mosque someplace else.
  • I say thumbs up on legalizing marijuana in New York and Pennsylvania for medicinal purposes. And I say a big thumbs down for legalizing pot for recreational purposes.

What do you give thumbs up and thumbs down to? I invite you to respond. Send me an email or comment below.

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on 09.07.10 Nila DeFrancesco Emporium, PA commented

I completely agree on your comments about the Indians tribes of New York and about the mosque going up near the Ground Zero site. The Muslims live in the U.S. and I assume are U.S. citizens or at least they are reaping the benefits of this country so they should have more respect for those lost on Sept. 11

on 11.01.10 Christopher Baker commented

Don't you think legalizing pot for medicinal purposes will just lead to legalizing pot for recreation purposes? Is it not already happening in California?