The Year of Peace

01.05.09 | Comments[3]

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, what better resolution can be made than resolving the conflict in Israel. I know it's no small task and Mid East peace isn't something that will come easy, but wouldn't it be great if this year-2009- is the year that the world got serious about peace in Israel? We are all weary and disheartened by the same cycle of violence- talks occur, a six month peace treaty is signed and temporarily violence rests. Day one after the peace treaty ends, one side launches a rocket, sets off a bomb, or burns a building located in the territory of the opposing group. Sometimes the Palestinians start it, sometimes the Israelis. Either way after a few days of fighting the opposing side gets tired of taking it in the teeth and retaliates- usually with a bigger bomb or more air strikes.

It's at this point the international community interjects and the command by world leaders to end the violence is issued. Why do we always wait until the inevitable fighting occurs before we start to discuss additional ceasefires or an overall plan for peace? Shouldn't the international community during the six months of ceasefire mediate serious talks about how the Israeli's and the Palestinian's can co-exist in Gaza and the West bank without constant killing? Granted, there will never be a complete end to the violence as long as two conflicting ethnic groups are forced to share land- one whose homeland and refuge has been established on the other's land...a land they want to have back in order to establish their home own homeland. Does that mean that we can't try to attain a lasting truce? Shouldn't we, as Western nations and strong armed UN members, keep pressuring the Middle East with sanctions and embargo so they will work towards a serious plan? I know our allegiance has long lain with Israel and the protection of their national security, but should we also care about the security of Palestinian children and adults that are caught in the conflict? Shouldn't there be serious steps taken to work towards a solution that both sides can support and agree on? I know this conflict dates back to Bible days, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep pushing for serious peace in Israel.


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on 01.12.09 Loretta Carey commented

Since Gaza is legally Palestinian territory, per the Oslo Accords (1993) there is no need for Palestinians and Israelis to co-exist there. Israel has made life miserable for the Palestinians with its blockade on Gaza that has resulted in suffering and starvation conditions for the already poverty-stricken Palestinians living in Gaza. The super-power military strength that Israel uses whenever militants in Gaza try to do something to protest the inhumane and illegal way Israel is treating them is totally uncalled for. Unfortunately, Israel has the backing of the USA, and that backing comes primarily from USA interest in Israeli oil. I'm ashamed of the USA backing of Israel to annihilate
the poor people of Gaza who have literally nowhere to hide from Israel bombs, and now, ground attacks.

on 01.19.09 Ellen Shepherd commented

The Bible says very clearly of the end times that there will be significant discussions regarding peace, but it will not come until the Lord himself returns. Gaza belongs to the Israelis. It was taken in the 6 Day War. If we don't think the Jews should abide by the terms of war, then we better return America to England and set the example for the world. The lines drawn up for Israel today were the result of the Balfour agreement following World War I, a result of the Zionist movement. However, the original boundaries for Israel given to Abraham include most of the Middle East. Most folks do not know this, which disturbingly includes Christians. Yes, peace would be great, but it is foolish and folly to think that it will come at the expense of giving up land. If the Palestinians believe peace will come with land, let their Muslim relatives in other countries give them land to live in; there is plenty that is not occupied. Palestinians do not want peace, however, because they believe it is their holy calling to kill every single Israeli/Jewish person on earth so their messiah will return to establish them as the power of the earth. Yes, we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem because we will also be praying for the Lord to return, but peace will not come through men. In the meantime, it is our job to stand in the gap until Jesus does return to establish true peace on earth.

on 01.21.09 Loretta Carey commented

I believe that Christians should stand in the gap to defend the defenseless, and to try and show non-Christians Jesus' love. In Him there was "neither Greek nor Jew," which could easily be translated to mean there is neither Muslim or Jew. We should try to respect the current laws of the land, and the current leadership of nations, but do all we can to share the Gospel of Jesus with all people. And when I say "we," I mean we as Christian individuals, although it would be wonderful if the U.S. government reflected Christian values, and it's certainly something to pray about.