The Winner is... the Founding Fathers

11.09.10 | Bob Price | Comments[1]

The 2010 mid-term elections are history – and did they ever make history. Not since 1938 have so many congretional seats changed hands in a mid-term election. The Republican route proved one thing, our founding fathers had tremendous foresight.

You see, I've never been a big believer in the concentration of power being monopolized by one party. The system of checks and balances built into our republic is a good thing for the country. Whenever the political pendulum is out of whack – the voters tend to right it at the ballot box. Republicans have been handed a mandate from the people to bring "back to center" our government.

The political tilt of the nation may sway right to left but it never stays in one place for too long and I think the founding fathers purposely envisioned it that way. What makes "democracy" work is that it has always been "of" the people, "by" the people, and "for" the people and for that I am grateful.


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on 02.14.11 DALE commented

YES! Our forefathers asked GOD for direction.YOU seldom hear of that anymore.Prayer can change a nation,lets ban together. GOD does hear us!!!