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06.16.09 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[5]

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The debate over homosexual marriage continues in the Empire State. The New York State Assembly has said "yes" to gay marriage and in the very unlikely event that the Senate follows suit in the remaining days of this year’s legislative session, Governor David Paterson says that he will sign the bill into law.

Same-sex marriage advocates like Governor Paterson and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg argue that marriage is a civil right and that people should therefore have equal protection under the law to marry anyone they wish.

This reasoning is flawed.

If all citizens had the right to marry anyone they wished, then anything would go -- from same-sex marriage to marriage with multiple partners to perhaps marriage between people and porcupines. Keep in mind that the law always reflects human values -- whether it is the drinking age, the age of consent, gambling, and so on.

The current law in New York -- and for that matter Pennsylvania -- reflects the value that traditional marriage should be between a man and a woman and that's the way it should stay. Anything goes when it comes to marriage would not be a civil right but a moral abomination and a civil wrong.

It's unfortunate that the gay marriage controversy took up the time of so many lawmakers in the soon-to-be ended New York State Legislative Session. The gay marriage issue was clearly a distraction from much more important issues, including taxes, spending, the deficit, the economy and jobs.

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on 06.17.09 CRD commented

I don't see how you've explained or defended your claim that the reasoning is flawed. All I understand from your post is that you believe that the Governor and NYC Mayor have flawed reasoning and that you believe that marriage should stay between a man and a woman.

Help me understand why you believe their reasoning is flawed? I think that if they're flawed in anything, it is the definition of marriage; but not their reasoning of it. If marriage is, as law and policy, DEFINED as marriage between man and woman and they say that they should be able to marry anyone, that's a flaw in reasoning because their not abiding by the definition.

To argue that REASONING is flawed and defend that claim by saying that marriage should always be between a man and a woman, is not an argument at all; simply a statement of belief.

Please elaborate more.

on 06.30.09 cle commented

I agree with CRD. My reasoning leads me to feel that all human-to-human relationships are up to the persons involved in them.
This anti-homosexual agenda that this station espouses is one of the reasons that I cannot consider myself under the umbrella of 'christianity'.

on 11.25.09 BJS commented

God made man and woman, He created us to reproduce, there is no heavenly way two men or two women can reproduce in any unity. Nature is nature and it is unnatural for two members of the same gender to become intament in such a relationship.
God himself made Adam as a companion for himself and provided Adam out of Adams' own rib cage a help mate/ companion which would unite and take care of one another and God would take care of them together.
God gave us morals and our very own will granted, but to take a distort God's word. The government has allowed religion to be taken out of many things, But to stick their noses in the church and the Ordaining of a man and woman in Holy Matrimony they need to stay out of it and leave God's work to God. Everything man puts his hands to with out the assistance and provisions of God man messes up Look at the battle where the government wants to keep the state and Religion seperate well they need to keep their minds set keep them seperate, they can not ordain a marriage, nor can they sit and judge who and what will be tolerable in God's eyes. This nation was began upon the Christian principles now lets keep it that way in which it was originally started, that we may live in accordance to the Gospel and obide by the instructions for living as such, marriage is between man and woman and it is a thing created by God not man.

on 02.14.11 DALE commented

GOD made male and female,keep it that way.Laws made by the state should be in line with the BIBLE.GOD made laws and the STATE should not change them.

on 03.07.11 davansta commented

the issue is not the redefining of marriage. the real issue is the undefining of marriage, that is where you get the notion of anything goes. we now see polygamists use the very same tactics that the homosexual community has been using to secure marriage "rights". marriage is a holy union (as defined by history). allow the homosexual to have the legal protection of civil unions and keep marriage defined as one man one woman.