The Power Struggle in Albany: Who's to Blame?

06.30.09 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[0]

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I think the Democrats are to blame for the recent fiasco in the New York State Senate. Now I’ll concede the fact that the Republicans did not act like saints. On the other hand, when the Democrats took control of the State Senate in January, there was an expectation in Albany -- and throughout New York -- that they would walk the walk on reform because they had talked the talk while campaigning for last November’s election.

Indeed, there was hope that the Democrats would reform what had been identified by experts as the most dysfunctional legislature in America.  

Well, reform didn't happen.

The Senate Democrats conducted business in secret, went wild with taxing, went wild with spending, shut the Senate Republicans out of the legislative process and kept them from getting a fair share of money to bring home to their districts. The Democrats demonstrated that they were not about reform but about power, control, and putting the Republicans in their place.

It's no wonder the Republicans revolted and staged a coup on June 8th. To creatively paraphrase the late President John F. Kennedy: When the Democrats in the New York State Senate made reform impossible...they made a Republican revolt inevitable.

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