The Death of Journalism

10.28.11 | Bob Price | Comments[7]

Nothing maddens me like lazy journalism.

I can take the biased reporting…bias is unavoidable. It’s lazy reporting I have no tolerance for. Take for example, the Wall Street Occupation movement. According to the Media Research Center, 93 percent of the reporting from the major networks has been positive, affirming, even advocating for the anti-corporate cause. What they’re not telling you are the stories of rape, public indecency, and illegal drug use that also emanates from these sordid crowds of malcontents. Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning abuse of power by police. Whenever, and wherever it happens it should be called out and corrected. But heavens’ sakes, will just one mainstream reporter have the guts to do some real reporting on this movement?? Talk to the women in Oakland who’ve allegedly been raped at the hands of these so-called peaceful protesters. Interview the police officers in New York who’ve had their cop cruisers defecated on. Go to Toronto and speak to the youth who are engaging in illicit drug use in full view of the authorities. Where are these stories? In fairness to the “Occupiers”, any message that becomes a movement will have a few bad apples. But it’s time for journalists…those of us whose job it is to observe and report, to tell the whole story. 

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on 10.28.11 ward commented

final question on the journalism test:if you had to choose between saving someone's life or getting the picture of a lifetime.what kind of film would you use??

on 10.28.11 BillFromGI commented

Bob, I've been following OWS since Day 1. As a contributor to FLN, and after listening to your noontime report, I must comment.. There are bad apples in every bunch but lets do some real reporting here, ok? You cited 3 instances among tens of thousands of peaceful protesters but how about commenting on the right-leaning "infiltrator" who ended up getting pepper-sprayed a couple weeks ago? If you had researched the Oakland incident, you'd know it was committed by 3 men who were not part of the OWS Oakland movement. The NYC defecation was reported almost instantly. As for Toronto, I'm not sure what their 'use' laws are, but they are allowed to carry up to 3 grams of marijuana without penalty. Also, and what got my blood boiling, you attempted to compare the Tea Party coverage vs OWS coverage (I see no comment about it here). I can report with my eyes and ears that I did not see one report of OWS during its inception on any local or major news network that I watch.

Lets finish off by asking why these bankers were allowed to profit from immoral derivative trading and sell "balloon" mortgages to the unsuspecting? Clearly the evil in our society plan better than the good as I've yet to see anyone brought to judgement for the financial downfall of 2008. Bob, rest assured both you and I will be shocked when we go to Heaven and learn The Truth about all this. In the meantime, lets focus on why OWS has gained traction... the common folks like myself are tired of the rich re-writing the rules to favor themselves and using a certain national network to basically say God Loves Business. I know Jesus died for me and have accepted that with my mouth and I don't need some 'leggy' news network woman feeding me garbage, Amen.

on 10.29.11 Bob commented

BillFromGI - thnak you for your comments - what makes this blog work is the diversity from its participants. I encourage you to contact the media research center and get your hands on their reporting of media coverage of OWS versus the Tea Party. They had no political or ideological ax to grind - they were simply looking at it from a scientific, imperical evidence-based perspective. The website if

on 10.30.11 BillFromGI commented

Bob, thanks for your reply. I did spend some time searching for that information but could not locate it. However, while visiting that site, I detected it "leaned" towards one side.. . was unfortunate..

In closing, may I recommend a site that does not lean?

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and spend 10-15 minutes there. They examine all claims equally. I pray you find this site refreshing and informative, Amen.

on 10.30.11 bob commented

i will - i wish the study the mrc's tim graham spoke about on our air (friday 10/28) was still on the site -i found it interesting. I will check that site you recommended - our news product is all about promoting the free market place of ideas - thanks for sharing

on 11.02.11 Dave from Rochester commented

Here is an interesting example of what Occupy Wall Street is about. It is affecting municipalities by denying a potential revenue stream from municipal owned cable. Large Cable Companies fear the competition.

I got this article originally from an Oct. 27th 2011 E-article in -

on 11.26.11 Allen From Illinois commented

I went to and found it is as left leaning as MRC is right. I spent 2 minutes and read how bad all the Republican candidates are and one story that supported Obama. I guess if your center starts way on the left it would seem not to lean.