The Arab Uprising - What Does It Mean?

03.22.11 | Bob Price | Comments[1]

It started in Tunisia, swept across Egypt, has moved from Yemen to Bahrain, threatens to take root in Syria and Saudi Arabia, and has led to civil war in Libya. A movement is on the march throughout the arab world and frankly I don’t know how to take it. Is it rooted in the basic human desire to be free? Or is it a religious fever that threatens to give rise to the same brand of Islamic fanaticism that followed the Ayatollah to Iran in 1979? Whatever it is, it is spreading like wildfire. In the age of social media, it has fanned an uprising unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the tinderbox known as the middle-east.

Of course, terror groups are trying to capitalize on the unrest and Christians have reason to fear for their survival. Is it any coincidence that at a time of arab uprising, persecution against followers of Christ has reached an all-time high? In fact, from what I hear, 75 percent of the world’s persecution is directed at Christians. When will the U.N. pass a resolution condemning that atrocity? I don’t know what is happening in the arab world. I’m not sure if it’s so much a revolution as it is a resurrection of Islamic ideology.

To be sure, tyrants like Moammar Gahdafi deserve their cumupance, but what’s to follow in his stead? In truth, Egpyt is better without Hosni Mubarrak, but not if it’s the muslim brotherhood that takes his place. What is the end-game to this arab unrest and how much does it have to do with Biblical eschatology? These are questions I wish I had answers to.


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on 03.23.11 Dave commented

As stated in Matthew chapters 24 & 25 there is much happening in the world and evil comes. But the Word for us Christians is to be prepared for anything that may come our way, even death. The way for us to prepare is by praying and studying the Word. I fear that the turmoil that is afflicting the Middle East may come to the US eventually also. I wish it were not so, but we are not exempt from persecution and affliction either. After all these are the end times! I fear most for my grandkids, especially those who do not know Jesus as their Savior and Lord!