Stories to watch in 2012

01.03.12 | Bob Price | Comments[2]

I’m no Nostradamus and unlike the ancient Mayan civilization, I’m not predicting the end of the world in 2012, but there are a few stories worth keeping an eye on in the new year.  Here are five.

  1. What succeeds the “Arab Spring” … despots in the middle-east are falling like pawns on a chess board, but will radical Islam or democracy take their place? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.
  2. What happens to Iraq... the war is over but the future of the country is very much in doubt. President  Obama’s chances at re-election may hinge on what happens there. 
  3. Iran’s Nukes... Is this the year Tehran makes “the bomb” and how will that be a game-changer in the middle east ?
  4. The Euro Zone Crisis... is the Euro destined for the trash heap of history? What economy will rise in its place and will the US remain the world’s economic super-power?
  5. Newt, Mitt, Ron, or Rick? Who will challenge President Obama in November and will Ron Paul mount a 3rd party challenge for the Presidency? It’s worth watching in 2012.

Happy New Year!


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on 01.23.12 sharon brady commented

hi Rick... i used to go the the Youth For Christ Center in Kanona every Saturday nite, including, but not limited to Camp Cory every summer!! my son is a Christian and i was checking to c if there is anything going on at Family Ministries on Saturday nites or anytime? would you please let me know...? thank you so much...

Sincerely, Love in Christ
Sharon brady,,

on 12.07.12 julie selman commented

Do you have a list of churches helping Sandy area? Looking for places to serve in NJ, and NYC area. Are there places we can up to date info in the recovert process?