Stop Crucifying One Another

04.20.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[0]

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When I think of the word crucify, I think of the death of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Good Friday. Then I reflect more and realize that -- in a symbolic sense -- crucifixion is all around us.

You know, I think it’s time to stop crucifying human beings.

When unborn babies are aborted and murdered, they are being crucified. It’s time to stop the genocide.  When pregnant women -- through not fault of their own -- lack the proper counseling, nutrition, and medical care to have healthy babies, they are being crucified.

When school children in poor and not so poor communities get a third rate education, they are being crucified. I’m thinking of poor kids in places like Rochester and not so poor kids in places like the Corning-Painted Post. In the Corning-Painted Post School District, the kids have been subjected to third-rate schools for years because too many residents of the district do not want to spend money on the schools. So the kids end up taking classes in storage closets and in the halls of dilapidated buildings. What a disgrace and what a way to crucify the children.

When politicians in New York and Pennsylvania neglect their duties and hurt people by failing to pass budgets on time, they are crucifying their constituents as well as our system of representative democracy. When kids go hungry and fail to get proper medical attention, they are being crucified. And when senior citizens are treated with neglect, indifference, and hostility, they are being crucified.

Ladies and gentlemen, God’s message is to love thy neighbor. Let’s stop crucifying one another.

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