Sotomayor and the Supreme Court

07.13.09 | Comments[0]

Will Sonia Sotomayor become the 9th justice on the Supreme Court? Time will only tell as we enter Day One of her confirmation hearings. I’m anticipating this to be a somewhat long confirmation process because of the racial bias that Judge Sotomayor is said to rule with. She is said to be a judge that feels the plight and pain of the blue collar worker, the struggling minority, and the underserved woman. She’s not a bad judge; there are merely some questions over her ability to interpret the law with any hint of bias or personal agenda.

Will she be a good Supreme Court Justice? I have no idea. How do you determine who makes or is a good justice? Upon reviewing her record, listening to testimony from fellow bench-sitters and reading analysts assessment of her cases, it appears that no one in the Realm of the Courts appears too shocked by her nomination. She’s a moderate judge- probably not as conservative as some of us would like but certainly not as liberal a choice as the President could have been. And let’s face it a liberal President is not going to replace the most left-leaning justice on the Nation’s highest court with someone with an “I Love the Bush’s” bumper sticker on their car. But to answer the question, yes I do I think Sonia Sotomayor will be a fine justice if she is confirmed (which I believe is highly likely) to the bench.

Coming from humble beginnings and working one of the toughest Court of Appeals circuits in the nation, I don’t think Ms. Sotomayor believes she’s entitled to this position nor is she using it for her own political gain. She isn’t out to rule with an agenda that’s any different than any of the other 8 justices- they’re all appointed to hear cases and determine rulings based on the letter of law but sometimes how that letter is interpreted is different. Even if each justice brought their own bias into play, they must still factor in the opinions of their colleague so it’s not a runaway show. Maybe that’s why our Founding Fathers set up the judicial system to be ruled by a team of 9 rather than governed by the views of 1.



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