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05.25.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[14]

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The Pennsylvania State Senate is considering legislation that would require students to go to school on Saturdays to make up for snow days and other days when school has to be cancelled. This is a wonderful idea because will ensure that every student gets the educational benefit of the entire 180-day school year.

Having school on Saturdays to make up for cancelled school days will also symbolize and highlight the seriousness and importance of education for today’s children as they prepare to enter a competitive world. In fact, I think that lawmakers in both Pennsylvania and New York should consider having Saturday classes throughout the entire school year.

The late media personality Arthur Godfrey once sang the following lyric: “And the kids will just get A’s when there is school on Saturdays.” Now Arthur Godfrey was being humorous, but he also had a point. Requiring students to go to school on Saturdays will provide young people with more education and more educational opportunity. Chances are that students would then graduate better prepared to go to college, the university, and into the world of work.

In recent years, America has been falling behind other countries in the education of its young people, especially in the areas of science and math. Saturday classes might help to close the education gap vis a vis such countries as India and China.

Again, remember the words of Arthur Godfrey: "And the kids will just get A's when there is school on Saturdays."

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on 05.25.10 Carol commented

I Absolutely don't agree! Kids have enough stress and are overburdened enough without adding another day of classes to their over loaded schedules. Let kids be kids for a change!

on 05.25.10 Lori Calkins commented

School on Saturdays is not a good idea. "OUR" Children need weekends!!!!!!!!! Do these people have children who want this to happen????

on 05.25.10 Kandie Gay commented

Hello, this is in response to School on Saturdays. I do not agree at all. With todays double income families, the week days are busy enough. Moms are working outside of the home, they come home hurry up make dinner, run kids to their evening activies or they are busy with home work. Children need to learn about Jesus, life values and other things they dont learn in school They need to spend time with their families. The weekends are all the time families get to spend together. When are they going to learn about life's important lessons if they are stuck in school on Saturday. Academics are not the only thing that is important in life. I feel spending time with family is more important.

on 05.25.10 Shannon commented

I'm OK with an occasional snow day being made up on a Saturday if that's what makes the most sense and I am all for good, quality education. But I am completely opposed to school on Saturday year-round. What about family?? Weekends are family time. In this age where most parents work outside the home and are lucky to have an hour or so with their children each evening, weekends can be the only time for most families to do all the "family stuff". Saturday is when kids get to be kids. What about birthday parties? What about playing outside? What about family outtings? What about families, like mine, who attend church on Saturday? Education is important but weekend family time is invaluable to raising a mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy child. If the goal is to improve the education of our children, start during the week. Make the most of the time that the kids are already there rather than adding another day of school. The result of which would be burned out kids, burned out teachers and very litle additional learning.

on 05.25.10 Stacie commented

I think it is a bad idea. I am a single mom with three kids I work all week long and enjoy spending my weekends with my children. I can't stop working in the summer so extended time off for the kids does not reflect my lifestyle!

on 05.25.10 Stacie commented

I think it is a bad idea. I am a single mom with three kids I work all week long and enjoy spending my weekends with my children. I can't stop working in the summer so extended time off for the kids does not reflect my lifestyle!

on 05.25.10 Cay commented

School on Saturdays would do little or nothing to improve the education of our children.More time will not fix the abundance of discipline and learning problems found in our schools now. How many teachers do you think would be willing to give up all their Saturdays? Most are burned out by May anyway. You want to burn them out faster? Stupid idea.

on 05.25.10 Bill & Pearl commented

Sorry ...but we have to say it is a bad ideas also. We are Seventh Day Baptists and believe children of Sabbath Keeping families would be penalized for not attending school on Saturday. We don't think you would consider having school on Sunday! Let's just leave well enough alone. Five days a week is adequate. Children need the weekend for church and family time.

on 05.26.10 Renee Johnson commented

Dr. Coleman,
I have to say that you definitely surprised me with this opinion! I usually agree with you but on this issue I strongly disagree. Reasons:
1) 180 days is more than sufficient to learn what needs to be learned in a year. Our daughter goes to a private school with 170 days in the school calender. She will be done with first grade tomorrow. She is a voracious reader with beautiful cursive handwriting that puts most adults to shame and can add and subtrace double-digit figures. Public schools waste way too many days throughout the nine month school calendar with half-days, superintendant days, conference days, etc., etc. Snow days are not the wasted days (in my humble opinion) but all the "extra" days off intermingled in quite frequently.
2) The government (federal and/or state) is much, much too involved in educcation already! Letting them make yet another decision is once again allowing big government to dictate what should be decided on the local government level.
3) Kids need to be kids. They already spend far too little time in the innocence of childhood with free time to run, jump, ride bikes, swim, climb trees, play and just BE KIDS. Why are we always in such a hurry to grow our children up faster?!
4) This six-day school week also seems another step closer to abdicating parental time/responsibility to schools (and by extension, government since government controls schools by and large). Research the educational goals and strategy of communist/socialist countries and you will find that "cradle-to-grave" is a common theme. The younger children are when you can begin teaching/influencing/indoctrinating them, the greater success you will have.
Well, that was long and very wordy but I reacted strongly when I heard your commentary yesterday. Thank you for allowing us to express our opinions via this format. I look forward to your future commentaries and discussions!!
Thank you,
Renee Johnson

on 03.07.11 tia commented


on 03.07.11 tia commented


on 03.07.11 tia commented

School on Saturdays is not a good idea. Children need weekends!!!!!!!!!

on 08.11.11 Rhea commented

Oh lord please please no us kids have enough work as it is we need weekends I will DIE if i have to go to school on saturdays

on 12.16.14 Terika commented

I don't think we should go to school on Saturday why do that when you can stay after school but whatever