Relay For Life

07.09.10 | Sherri Watters | Comments[0]

Join Family Life at the Relay For Life in Hammondsport, NY on Friday, July 9, 2010. Food Services Coordinator Sherri Watters will be there to give tips to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent cancer.

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Sherri's Thoughts:

1 in 10 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in our country. The statistics are staggering! What can we do to arm ourselves against this terrorist?

Our culture has handed down an almost impossible task to women of today. We run in 100 different directions trying to keep all of the balls in the air and make everyone happy! It is not only unattainable it is killing us to the core of our existence! Trying to fit it all in provides us with little to no time to feed ourselves or our families to live healthy lifestyles.
Lets get back to the core, the family, and figure out what they really need.

Wants and needs are two totally separate things in this game we call life. Our children do not need the latest clothing, game and technology to survive and thrive here on planet earth. They need basics, love, food,shelter and clothing, and that is it! We have allowed the marketers of today to convince us it is so much more and run rampantly to provide it all. I hear from so many moms that they have no time to cook a meal for their family. We have made the obvious so lets rethink the process to make it work in your home.

Saying yes to the basics and no to the fluff will free you up in so many areas. Trust me I am speaking loudly to myself! Looking at the time spent on our computers, on the phone, working extra hours to make sure that we have the latest and greatest has cost us so much as a society today. How many times do people we know, when faced with a health crisis say I wish I would have taken better care of myself?

We hear it on a daily basis. So lets do it.

Make those changes now while you can. Put the boxes back on the shelf and grab the fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and dairy and stop listening to all of the crazy talk of how all the pesticides and junk are going to kill us! Fresh whole foods are still the best choice for your home. We find ourselves so inundated with info on the dangers of these foods that the good Lord provided that we run in the other direction in fear!

A glass of water that may or may not be from the best source is still a better choice than a sugary soda! A good salad with leafy greens and chopped fresh veggies is a better choice than an order of fries, and a good broiled or baked piece of chicken beats a greasy burger any day. These are not hard or time consuming to prepare! You can stand in line longer to get those fast foods than making your own once you learn the secretes of how a great meal goes together.

Always feel free to email me or call 1-800-927-9083 (607-776-4151 for those in the Southern Tier).

Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before making any changes to your diet.


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