Random Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

10.13.09 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[11]

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There are huge numbers of welfare recipients in New York and Pennsylvania. Of course, the taxpayers of the Empire and Keystone States are the ones who have to foot the bill for those who cannot make it on their own.

This is an expensive and costly proposition -- especially when both states are dealing with serious fiscal problems.

That said, many of those on public assistance are good people who need a temporary helping hand and who pray that someday they will not have to accept the indignity of government handouts.  Unfortunately, there are also many welfare recipients who should not be getting a dime of the taxpayers’ money because they are good-for-nothings who think that the world owes them a living.

Given this fact, I have a question for you: Why not have a program of random drug testing for welfare recipients? Drug users and abusers should be excluded from all forms of public assistance. Taxpayers should not be supporting druggies who are some of the very people who are likely to cheat and rip-off the welfare system.

Furthermore, druggies on welfare give honest welfare recipients a bad name. Excluding drug users from public assistance would lessen the stigma of being a welfare recipient for those on welfare who are truly deserving and in need. The welfare system is in dire need of more monitoring, oversight, and accountability.

This would be a major step in the right direction...and the sooner the better.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for writing in and I always appreciate your comments. Comment below, or send me an email.

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on 10.13.09 Jeremiah commented

I agree with you 100%. We should have random drug testing for all welfare recipients. I have a Commercial Driver's License and I am subject to random drug testing. About a year ago I got a text message from a UPS driver (who is subject to random drug testing) suggesting that welfare recipients be tested. I thought it was a great idea then and I still do. If you are clean you will have nothing to worry about, but if you are not then we should not be helping to enable you to continue to buy your drugs.

on 10.20.09 Jim commented

I disagree. They shouldn't be random. They should be mandatory for everyone and recurring and regular intervals.

on 10.13.09 beth commented

Take it to congress!!! I agree, it should be put into affect!

on 10.22.09 Dawn commented

It should be random just like the military does to the soldiers.
After living in big cities on the east coast I have seen some things that shouldnt be going on if you are collecting tax dollars as your income. Better yet how about making Congress do drugs test every 30 days. :)

on 10.24.09 DHC commented

I agree, my husband and I have been on welfare in the past. And we were just in shock hearing what the others on welfare talked about in the welfare office. I am sure that 75% of the people that were in that office would not of passed a drug test.

on 10.26.09 Brian G. commented

The problem here is we want to legislate use of a bandage without considering the real reason for the cut. Drug abuse is hardly a problem unique to those who receive assistance. And there are plenty of working taxpayers who have the same incorrect attitude of "entitlement." The employee who says, "This Company is making tons of money. They can afford it" as he/she takes home company property is no different.

Do you realize that a state social services employee who offers a client hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be fired from their job for doing that? We live in a culture that promotes pre-marital sex without marriage and then wonder why the ranks of those on assistance keeps growing. We live in a culture that worships the dollar more than Godly principles of compassion and caring, encouraging companies to leave our state and then wonder why more people are unable to find gainful employment with a sustainable living wage.

I don't wish to be over simplistic, but you often hear liberals complain about conservatives being aligned with the National Rifle Association. But which group is aligned with Hollywood? You can hardly watch any so-called "entertainment" without seeing violence with the subtle message that "guns solve problems." Or that you don't have to be married in order to raise your children. I often say to people who think on these lines, "well if the Republicans are providing the guns, it's the Democrats that are providing the ideas what to do with the guns."

Along that line of narrow thinking, maybe we shouldn't over simplify the myth of the good-for-nothings who are ripping off welfare and using drugs. There are plenty of working people who are ripping off the system (be it at work or through their taxes) and drug abuse is a widespread. The real problem is hopelessness, which is what makes people want to escape their circumstances.

And just what if Jesus Christ is the answer to that hopelessness? What if it's all true and Jesus Christ is exactly who He said He was? In this culture, there are many places and circumstance you CANNOT say that. You cannot even propose that thought to people. And that includes the Department of Social Services. I dare say to even Mr. Coleman, that of the many media outlets that carry your opinions, this one here at Family Life would be the only one where you could proclaim the salvation of Jesus Christ and not have the message be silenced.

This American culture promotes "self" instead of "selflessness." Go ahead and have sex without being married: The taxpayers will help raise the children. Go ahead and buy more than you can afford: The banks will bail you out, and then the taxpayers will bail out the banks. Go ahead and buy cheap: The company your neighbor across the street currently works for will move overseas, but welfare will take care of him, which means the taxpayers will pay again. Go ahead and use drugs to escape your circumstance: The taxpayers will pay for substance abuse counseling, but not for you to hear about the hope offered in Jesus Christ. Go ahead and rely on the schools to teach your children moral values, stewardships and good citizenship: They'll learn all the above and more, and then we will all continue to pay for that in so many ways.

“In God We Trust.” Until this nation starts understanding the statement that is on our currency and what that truly means, we will rely on money alone to solve our problems. And as we are all finding out the hard way, there simply isn’t enough money in the world to solve them all without Jesus.

on 11.04.09 Dave W. commented

As a retired Welfare Fraud Investigator and Invesitgations Supervisor, I can state by personal experience that if the majority of tax payers could see how and where their tax dollars are being 'given away,' there would certainly be some changes made to the welfare system. I also worked as a Dept of Public Welfare caseworker and caseworker supervisor for over 20 years before getting fed up and accepting a position with the Office of Inspector General. The number of times I would do field investigations and find the welfare recipient(s) stoned out of their minds, or drop-dead drunk wouldn't be believed by many..and where do you think they got the money to buy the drugs/alcohol? Of course, we know that the benefits they receive are 'entitlements' and the system cannot dictate how they spend their (our) money. Mandatory drug testing, with real and severe consequences would at least make a dent in the problem. The system is, and has for years, been broken and needs to be fixed.

on 12.08.09 Brenda commented

Maybe a good idea ... BUT, what if there were drug testing before you could get your taxes or paychecks...
I don't know if that would fly.
And I am sure 'some' would not pass - drug usage is not only a 'welfare recipient ' problem - it is across the economic map.

on 06.01.10 Anonymous commented

We coud shoot everyone on welfare

on 04.13.11 Shelbi November commented

I defenitley think people on welfare should be tested for drug. Also, people who receive unemployment or anything related to that should be drug tested. If they are doing drugs then what's the problem. People have to be drug tested before doing a lot of things such as getting a job or being in the military so why not this too. how is it any different. I receive food stamps right now but just until i fiish college. People who live off welfare with no plan to change should be drug tested, it's only fair. I know a ton of people who get cash assistance from the government and spent it on drugs rather than on their children or bills where it should be spent.

on 06.03.11 Frank in Pa. commented

Dr. Coleman ------ Everyone knows this should be done! Why can we not get it done???