President Obama's Back to School Address: A+

09.22.09 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[8]

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I do not like cheating and that’s why I condemn those school officials, teachers, and parents who recently cheated their students by denying them the opportunity to listen to a speech given by President Barack Obama.

In an age where young people are constantly bombarded with the wrong messages and the wrong values from Hollywood, video games, and the music industry, students need to hear the right messages and the right values from responsible adults.

The president’s speech provided just that.

It stressed responsibility, working hard, respecting teachers, finding one’s talents, and making a contribution to America. As President Obama eloquently put it: “At the end of the day…we can have the most dedicated teachers, the most supportive parents, and the best schools in the world and none of it will matter unless all of you fulfill your responsibilities. Unless you show up to those attention to those teachers…listen to your parents, grandparents, and other adults…and put in the hard work it takes to succeed.”

In his inspiring and motivational address President Obama shared the right messages and values with the nation’s students at exactly the right time -- the start of the new school year.

Unfortunately, some educators and parents feared that President Obama would use the speech to brainwash their kids and shower them with political propaganda. This fear turned out to be misguided, silly, and ridiculous. Ironically, the only folks who seemed brainwashed were the adults who cheated the youngsters out of an opportunity to listen to positive messages from the President of the United States.

How disappointing and how sad.

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on 09.22.09 Patricia McIntosh commented

Thank you for this commentary. I agree that the only "brainwashed" persons were those claiming this was a dangerous propaganda campaign. How absurd!
So many believers had such strong feelings & opinions about how The President should be treated, spoken about, etc. when Bush was in office, but apparently those rules don't apply to a President one did not vote for. Makes we wonder. Is there room for believers like me who voted for Obama.

on 09.24.09 Jeremiah commented

The president's speech was a very conservative speech that emphasized conservative principals. It stressed personal responsibility and working hard as an individual. Unfortunately this is not what the president has emphasized in the past. He has emphasized the group and the community. He has emphasized taking from those who have, and giving in to those who do not have. He has emphasized taking from people that do have peronal responsibility and who do work hard, and giving to people who don't.

If a life-long criminal gave a great speech about being a model citizen and emphasized doing the right thing would that carry much weight with you? I think you would have to consider the source. The same is true with the speech the president gave. It may be compelling and I may agree with everything he said (in this speech), but if his agenda is the total opposite of it, then it doesn't carry much weight with me.

Maybe that is why parent's didn't want their kids hearing his speech. Not because they knew what was in this speech, but because they know what the person giving it really stands for.

on 09.24.09 Bill commented

Patricia, there is plenty of room for us! We are part of God's family and as such, ought to pray for our leaders instead of cursing them. I here this cursing all too often in the church I attend. At first it made me angry, then sad. Then I realized that if God did not want Obama in office then he would have not allowed it to happen in the first place.

Jeremiah, I pary that God opens your heart so that you may see the good that our President wants to do. Amen.

on 09.25.09 Debra Ackley commented

~May we all be in remembrance of OUR Lords sacrifice to US~

may we recall His promises to His chosen...

and remember that MORE are chose
than have answered Him thus far~

His rules of conduct
toward each other~
and in front of non believers too.

In being FAITHFUL to His rules~
we are submitting to ALLOWING
His promises TO be

Submitting to KNOW that
He answers prayer
of THE Faithful.

We gather to PRAY
for each other we are
given special privilege..
WE ARE given SPECIAL privilege ..

with the cost
TO His written WORD.
Dear God please GROW us to KNOW YOUR PATH . Help us be SO attuned to YOUR will that we experience ALL that YOU have planned for us. All THAT You PLAN for us to DO for YOUR Kingdom~ Help us to encourage one another daily and to SHOW YOUR grace to those still seeking YOU~ In Jesus NAME I ask for these things Lord~ Grow us to YOUR service~ We Praise YOU for all that brings us into compliance and for those we speak to, of YOUR love and truth~ Amen
9/24/09 DZA

on 09.25.09 Debra Ackley commented

All of our focuses should be on the YOUTH of our country~ doing what we can by example AND outreach teach them compassion for others. In todays world...many children do not have love and compassion at home.. Which give us angry children with the potential to be behaviorals. How can we expect them to grow up and have compassion for others if they are not given any as children.
To God Be The GLORY for anything we do in His name~ deb~

on 09.25.09 Jeremiah commented


I pray that God opens your heart so that you see the evil that our president is trying to do.

on 09.25.09 Bill commented

God is not a democrat or republican. He is God.

on 09.30.09 Jeremiah commented


Here is an interesting article: