Preparing for Final Exams

06.04.13 | Ralph Kerr | Comments[0]

Preparing For Final Exams

The”dreaded” time of year for public school students is upon them, Final Exams. While many students and parents, for that matter dread final exams, it does really need to be that way. It can be a much more palitable time with a little preparation. Here are some ideas that may make the next couple of weeks a little less stressful for all.

1.      Spend Time Studying for the Tests that Carry the Most Weight.

Not all final exams and papers are weighted the same. Make sure you know what percentage each paper or final exam is worth to your grade. That will give you some perspective on how much time you should designate studying for each class.

2.      Focus Your Time on Difficult Classes

If you’re pulling a solid A in a particular class, then you obviously don’t need to spend as much time studying for that class. Instead, spend most of your study time on the difficult classes where your grade is not as good.

3.      Spend Time Reviewing Class Notes Now

Spend at least one hour per class reviewing class notes. Highlight all the areas that are important and look at the syllabus to narrow down the key areas you should spend your time studying.

4.      Attend Review Sessions

Many teachers offer Review Sessions. These can be very beneficial and demonstrates to the teacher your interest in doing well.

5.      Organize Study Groups

Encourage one or more of your serious classmates to study with you. Often talking through the material with someone else will give you a different perspective and may help your recall. Structure the time to get the most of your study time, and then have fun.

6.      Design a Study Schedule and Stick to It.

This is a busy time of year. Sports Sectionals, Proms, Banquets and just dreaming about summer can take up lots of time. Make a commitment to spend at least an hour per week, per class, to focus on the final exam.


7.      Study Independently the Night before each Exam.

This is not the time for all-night cramming sessions. By preparing for the exam weeks in advance, the final night should be dedicated to going over your notes and asking God to help you have good recall.

8.      Get a Good Nights Sleep

Be sure to get a good nights sleep and have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Research has shown these are two important factors in doing well on an exam. Before the start of the exam try doing some relaxation techniques, deep breathing, listening to music and praying. All of these things will help you start the exam with a calm, focused mind.



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