Planned Parenthood Needs to be De-funded

02.07.11 | Bob Price | Comments[15]

I was aghast to learn through an undercover sting operation that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, receives almost $350 million a year in taxpayer subsidies. This is an outrage, especially since a clinic manager was recently caught on camera offering advice to an undercover couple on how to get an abortion for a minor.

The group Live Action, which has secretly filmed abortion providers in the past, provided this latest video to prove there is no depth that Planned Parenthood will sink to in its pursuit of abortion business. Even pro-choicers admitted that this latest video crosses the line. The clinic worker on tape seemed unconcerned that she was offering abortion services to people she thought were sex traffickers.

Yes, abortion is legal, but sex trafficking - last I checked - was ILLEGAL.

Planned Parenthood should be stripped of its federal subsidies for this grievous offense. Furthermore, where are the women’s rights groups? The Feminist Majority, shame on you for not condemning Planned Parenthood. Your silence is deafening.


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on 02.08.11 BILL commented


on 02.10.11 Jane commented

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater here. Planned Parenthood offers a lot of services other than abortion. They also provide help for rape victims, STD testing, and medical assistence. Don't let a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch.

on 02.10.11 Aaron commented

R U kidding me!! What Planned Parenthood offers is aiding and abetting to sex traffickers and they need to be stopped.

on 02.13.11 Terri commented

Thank you Jane. I agree that PP offers needed services to people who cannot afford or do not have access to them. We should all try to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Shouldn't we be asking ourselves, why does our society need PP? Rather than sling Hate, dole out compassion for a broken world.

on 02.14.11 Tony commented

There is no doubt that providing abortions is PP's way to make money. They do not make money giving away birth control devices whether medical or physical and by the way abortion is considered by PP to be a form of birth control. Most of the pharmaceuticals used for birth control are in reality causing an abortion. PP could not exist without Federal dollars. And if we as Chrisitans would better support "crisis pregnancy centers" the other needed options would be convered. As for the rape excuse for PPs existance, it is a paper tiger as only 1 in 5 women who become pregnant after rape seek an abortion.

on 02.14.11 DALE commented

Tax dollars should not be given to plan parenthood! YES we need to stand up and say,to our goverment this is enough.How many needy childern this money could feed.WE need to be E.MAILING our representives,and vote for people who believe as we do.

on 02.14.11 Doreen commented

I agree, this is not about abortion - abortion is legal. Sex trafficking is not. The fact that PP receives a single tax dollar is a travesty. I saw the video and it was appaling. We need to make our representatives aware of this and defund PP now. If they want to delve in criminal enterprise, they can do it on their own dime.

on 02.15.11 Tony commented

Abortion is legal, this is true, however, that does not not make it right or moral. Governments in the past have legalized many immoral things; slavery, killing of Jews, etc. Abortions kills a human being plain and simple. Our Federal Government pays for it and sanctions it. It is not hard to imagine that once a baby has been devalued so that it is easy to kill the baby, a young woman would be devalued as a sex slave. It is a nasty cycle but it keeps Planned Parenthood in business. Planned Parenthood is in the business to make money. Please read unPlanned - Abby Johnson's story of the business of PP and her realization of what it was all about.

on 02.16.11 Marcie commented

Some may argue that Planned Parenthood is actually helping woman, and helping families but the statistics in one year alone was that they performed 324,000 abortions, verses referring 2,405 adoptions. They are clearly in the abortion industry and our using our tax dollars to kill babies!

on 02.20.11 Trevor commented

Abortion is murder, they, the people that perform them, will have to answer to God for that, even if our laws condone it.

on 02.22.11 Debra Ackley commented

So many illegal horrid things take place ~ Sad to know that our God looks down to see a country so fallen~
I PRAISE Him that this has been exposed to the LIGHT~

on 03.04.11 Dave commented

This group has pulled together a 1-billion dollar lobbying fund to get the Senate to shoot down the Pence Amendment. Why should they get any subsidies? Abortion is murder, plain and simple. Somehow this fact got overlooked in Roe v. Wade. Just because something is legal doesn't make it right! At one time slavery was legal too! So was child labor! Wake up people! How do you think God looks at this? Sex was created for pro-creation NOT Recreation! That is the problem!

on 09.29.11 Jamie commented

As an employee of Planned Parenthood and a PROUD and OUT Christian, I believe that God plants lights everywhere. When asked about abortion, I remind people that it is only a FRACTION of what PP offers. And I refer to Hillary Clinton who so eloquently said that abortion should be "legal, safe and RARE". Planned Parenthood affiliates offer programs like Rape Crisis services (I was a counselor/advocate for one such program), free HIV/AIDS, and STI testing, birth control, GYN exams, Colposcopies to screen for cervical cancer, mobile outreach units that serve a population of God's people who otherwise would not receive ANY medical care, Cryosurgery for cancerous lesions, breast exams, counseling services and EDUCATION- to name a few. (the department I currently work in) The Department of Health funds a coalition for PP affiliates with in the state called CAPP. Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and utilizes evidence based programs to teach teens about responsible decision making. Abstinence is a HUGE part of those curriculum. (feel free to look into them yourself:Be Proud! Be Responsible, Teen Health Project, Making Proud Choices, Project AIM (Adult Identity Mentoring)
If as a news broadcaster you feel that you have REALLY done all of your research regarding PP, then you would realize that the staff member was providing LEGAL information regarding minors rights to reproductive healthcare. If you are unfamiliar, please check out:
And that if we really loved each other we would focus on the issues that concern most of us - unplanned pregnancies and abortion and leave an institution that provides low cost and free health care services to ANYONE who walks through the door, alone.
I am disappointed in your sensationalized report. Until this moment I have PROUDLY displayed my "I'm a part of the family" sticker on my car and welcomed all of the questions and conversations it has sparked. I am ashamed of it right now.
Before I end, and pray about my contributions and loyalty to this station, I will leave you with this quote:
I love your Christ, I do not love your Christians, they are so un-christ like" -Ghandi
At the end of the day Mr. Price, with all of the evil and issues in our world, exactly what do you think defunding Planned Parenthood will accomplish, besides adding hundreds more to the already sky-rocketing unemployment lines and leaving millions of women with out access to healthcare?

on 02.17.12 Julia commented

Hey i am a 14 year old christain and i find it very intersting that some people think its ok to let the few rotten apples stay in the basket. ITS NOT RIGHt

on 02.17.12 Julia commented

I also think that the other stuff like helping the people who have been raped is very good and they should keep that but u don t have to stop a whole operation you just need to stop the bad part.