New Government Food Guidelines

06.18.10 | Sherri Watters | Comments[1]

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(Washington, DC)  --  Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are key to helping Americans maintain a healthy weight in nutritional guidelines set forth by a government advisory panel.  Rear Admiral Penelope Slade-Sawyer of the Health and Human Services Department says the goal of the latest nutritional points are to help cut calories while providing necessary nutrients.

Along with emphasizing specific foods, the new guidelines set standards for school breakfasts, lunches and other federal programs.  Slade-Sawyer said the U.S. is in the midst of an obesity epidemic she describes as "the single biggest threat to public health."  Obesity rates among children have tripled in the past 30 years.

In addition to moving toward a plant-based diet, moderate amounts of lean meat, poultry and eggs are recommended.  Decreasing sodium intake from the current level of less than 23-hundred milligrams a day to under 15-hundred are advised as well as drinking fewer beverages containing sugar.

Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before making any changes to your diet.


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on 06.30.10 Dave S commented

It is surprising how ignorant people have become regarding our food and where it comes from. Many of us who grew up on farms know where milk, meat and eggs come from. Not long ago my daughter went on a field trip with her daughter's class and some other parents. When they showed a farmer milking a cow, one mother commented, "Is that where milk comes from? I am never going to drink milk again!" Our parents and grandparents use to forage for food and that gift has also been lost. I can still pick mushrooms and know the difference between them. We would be better off if we ate more wild foods like dandelion greens, fiddleheads, cowslips and mulberries. Can you even find recipes for wild foods? We need to get back to the basics of the foods God created! Dave S Rochester, NY