Natural Gas Drilling

11.18.11 | Bob Price | Comments[4]

The more I learn, the less I know.

That statement best sums up the news departments' 3 1/2 years of non-stop, wall-to-wall news coverage of the gas drilling debate in NY. Do the risks outweigh the rewards? Is the benefit worth the burden? Are there more pros, or are there more problems? I think in the end, good and well-meaning people will have to agree to disagree. Recently, I watched two-hours of live DEC-sponsored gas hearings in Binghamton and was struck at just how passionate people are about this issue.  And why not?  It's not like you get a mulligan if we get this wrong folks.  New York is right to proceed with caution on this matter.  What are your thoughts?


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on 11.18.11 Al commented

Hello Mr. Price,

I am a public health practitioner and wish my name and email to be kept confidential. I will refer to myself as Al. Obvious reasons. I am also a single parent raising my son. I am all he has. He is all I have. We are Christians and support Family Life for the first time this year. It is truly the joy of giving and Family Life gives so much to us. Thank you and Bless you!

I submitted documentation to the DEC regarding the misinformation that is being passed around in Dimock PA. This youtube I am sending you is concerning Lisa Jackson, EPA assistant to Judith Enck (Director of EPA). This is just a few months ago May 24, 2011. Lisa Jackson is presenting in front of the Congressional Hearing in 2011. No evidence of contaminated wells due to hydraulic fracturing anywhere in the United States. Remember this means then that this process has been going on for over 30 years plus with a current batting average of 1000. This is according to the EPA.

In Dimock I did as you did and visited Dimock, PA. I however did not talk to the people that advocate they had been harmed instead I talked to the people within the community itself. I saw well logs 10 to 15 years ago when they purchased their house. The people are friendly and take the time to share. They are very nice people as I am sure you can attest. All their water well logs contained methane. Some well logs go back as far as 30 years ago. Methane has been there forever.

Claiming their wells were contaminated by methane is just a scare tactic to keep the energy companies from drilling. Was there a drill bit lost underground in Dimock? Yes. Did the ground already contain methane? Yes. Methane has been in the water for as long as they could remember. This is the entire Dimock Township. The ground contains so much methane it is called a "sweet spot" and is thousands of feet thick. My take on this diversion is to keep business (oil and gas industry) out of NY.

But just the fact that Lisa Jackson doesn't even recognize Dimock in her testimony in front of a Congressional Hearing in May 2011 supports the claim. If they deemed Dimock as truthful then they would have said so.

Thank you for this chance to present this information. I hope you can air it. It tells a different story than GasLand movie and all the scary misinformation that is filling the public's ears. Please air the youtube address so people can become aware and make good choices based upon fact. Public health must make decisions that are evidence-based. I would like to mention to you in the future about the benefits and non-benefits to public health issues as well from the gas industries involvement in other states if I may? Quality of life issues are affected positively in areas where drilling is occurring.

Please keep my name confidential.

on 11.18.11 Sandra Johnson commented

First I am so grateful to become a member of FLN. Your station is truthful and a blessing to us all.

I am one of the landholders that has a stake in the drilling here in NY. Yes I would like to see the drilling take place not just to help my church, my family and friends but to help the state and the economy. For everyone that feels they won't benefit they need to stop and think, if there is money there will be jobs. People that have money love nothing better than to spend it. Right now the economy is so bad. When you only have 1 store to buy groceries, and limited gas stations and places to shop they have the monopoly on the prices. When the drilling starts maybe people will move back to the area to start businesses and get in on the boom.

As for doing the drilling safely. Its been done safely for years. I want to do this safely also but I don't think scare tactics or sabatoge is the way to go. I think that radio, the papars and television has a responsibilty to do accurate reporting and not get involved in all the drama. The local papers are very much biased and that breeds contempt, people tend to believe what they hear and read whether it be accurate or not.

We need this not just for the economy but for the environment. I personally believe that God would not have put it there and made it accessible to us and allow us to know about it unless he wanted us to use it. God Bless

on 12.22.11 Brian commented

I am for natural gas drilling in New York State. All of the fear and plain out lies being put out there by so called Environmental groups is just plain ridiculous. All of this nonsense has to stop, I have been to numerous meetings, DEC Hearings, SRBC hearings and many other public meetings and the behavior from most of these folks (not all) is shameful and in some cases scary. They are turning to civil disobedience to disrupt meetings and scare people into believing there Green agenda. The news media is only reporting the Negatives about gas drilling because the truth does not sell papers. I know that gas drilling is an industrial activity and that there is a chance of an accident happening but the history and science of hydrofracing is safe and there for all to see if they research the subject without bias from the Enviro groups websites. And also in my opinion the latest EPA statement about Fracing polluting the water is a well timed political stunt and it smells bad of politics the truth will come out on this topic eventually but it might be to late for New York. I believe that God put this gas there for our use and with proper protections in place New York could benefit greatly from this resource.

on 01.06.12 Al commented

People of "Dimock" make a stand.