Mailbag: Term Limits

07.20.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[0]

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It’s time to check the mailbag!

In a recent commentary, I argued against term limits for politicians. I said that the call for term limits sounds good but would often result in the election of inexperienced leaders who would know little or nothing about governing. Furthermore, term limits would also result in forcing political figures who have done a good job out of office.

Now for the feedback: A listener named Melvin wrote in to say, "I agree with your basic argument against term limits. I’m not convinced things will be any better with unseasoned politicians contending with seasoned lobbyists."

Meanwhile, Bob e-mailed me to say, “When politicians begin to view public service as a calling and not a career — then I will say no to term limits. Sadly, too many of our elected leaders have made public service about protecting their careers instead of serving the public so that is why I support term limits.”

Finally, Dave weighed in with his opinion. He wrote, “I think the idea that politicians need to be experienced is way overrated. The people who sit on grand juries don’t have any experience either and they make crucial decisions that can affect many lives. Dave goes on to say, "One term and your out."

I want to thank those who e-mailed me about term limits and I’d like to hear from you. Comment below.

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