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10.25.10 | Bob Price | Comments[4]

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Juan Williams, formerly of National Public Radio, is the latest casualty of political correctness. What he said about Muslims was offensive but not to the point that he should have lost his job over it.

During a recent appearance on the Fox cable show, The "O'Reilly Factor", the veteran news analyst admitted that seeing a Muslim dressed in traditional Islamic garb, boarding an airplane makes him nervous. Post 9/11 – it makes me nervous. Those weren't 19 Norwegians that hijacked those airplanes. Call that islamophobia, but that's the reality of the world we live in. Juan Williams was merely stating the obvious.

But don't feel too bad for Juan Williams. He's laughing all the way to the bank. The ink wasn't dry in the next morning newspapers, when Fox had offered him a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to come work for them.

This seems to be a pattern at Fox. It wasn't too long ago that shock jock Don Imus was rewarded with his own cable show on Fox after his racist remarks about The Rutgers Girls' Basketball team. But lest you think I'm just picking on Fox, anybody remember Eliot Spitzer, the luv gov who got caught with a prostitute just two months after taking office. His punishment??? ....a cable show of his own on CNN. Does anybody else have a problem with this ???

Our culture rewards bad behavior and then acts outraged whenever a celebrity steps over that artificial boundary line of political correctness. It's time for society to either stop trying to be so political correct, or stop rewarding those who don't play by the politically correct rules.


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on 10.27.10 Dave commented

This political correctness is a one-sided coin! Go to any of the countries referred to and Christians and Jews will not be treated as equals. To them we are the evil ones! That is their political correctness! Of course they are deceived and will remain so until they either, receive Christ or He returns! We must pray for then and pray especially for our own country! Prayer is the Only thing that will change things!

on 11.02.10 Carl commented

I was outraged when I heard what NPR did to Juan Williams. The matter was only worsened when the CEO said on national television that Mr. Williams needed to talk out his islamophobia with his shrink. I think anybody who supports NPR financially should stop that right away

on 11.02.10 Staci commented

What Juan Williams said was his OPINION, you can't fire a guy for offering his OPINION. I think what this story proves is that the left is more intolerant than the right.

on 11.02.10 Ryan commented

Juan Williams firing is just the tip of the iceberg. Already in this country, it's a crime to speak out against immorality. The thought-police are coming - get ready !!!