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08.14.09 | Comments[4]

Healthcare Town Hall meetings- you may or may not have been to one but they seem to be the trend of today. Most of our elected officials appear to be courting their constituents and hosting these hall meetings as a way to get our thoughts and opinions on the President’s healthcare reform plan. Well, I say why wait for them (the politicians) to come to us to get our thoughts and opinions- we’re gonna have our own virtual town hall meeting on the issue. This will prevent the unnecessary hoopla that can turn a civilized meeting into a circus act-we’re not going to have shouting, microphone grabbing, or cell phone calls to interrupt our train of thought.

I’ll start by saying I still do not have a clear picture of what all is taking place under this plan. I’ve heard that I will get to keep my insurance if I like it, but if not then what, the government is going to provide equal or better insurance? Will this healthcare reform eliminate the problem of the health insurance industry being run like a business rather than a service? Personally I think the healthcare industry needs some reform, but until I have the clear details I don’t know if this specific plan is the best one.

Next person, the floor is yours. Give us your thoughts on the plan: What are you concerned with? What would you like to know more about?



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on 09.07.09 Zoe Miller commented

I admit I don't know a lot about the health-care debate, but I worry that if we don't do something about the cost of health-care, our overall economy will suffer. I wish their was a way to pass reforms that do not include a government take-over of health-care. Government run anything, is not a good idea. Thanks for your blog and keep up the good work

on 08.16.09 Charles Wilkins commented

I am strongly opposed to the government getting its fingers into healthcare. First, healthcare is a responsibility for individuals and parents not government. Second, to help cut costs, lawsuits need reigning in, "pain and suffering" is a part of life and doctors are human. they need to be responsibile for their mistakes, but not in millions of dollars. Third, the government needs to show it can actually reduce our debt not increase it. Get back to basics and Christians need to get back on our knees before God and be obedient to his will and pray for those in authority over us as well as make our voice heard to our represenitives.

on 09.07.09 Philip Johnston commented

We'd be better off keeping the health-care system we have. What we need is TORT reform and a better way of keeping track of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. That's the only thing that's going to drive down costs.

on 09.07.09 Greg Woods commented

I think if Ted Kennedy had any other health-care than what he got in this country, he would have died of brain cancer a long time ago. If we truly want to honor the legacy of the late senior Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusettes, then lets pass Teddy-Care, a free-market-based health-care system that keeps people coming to this country and not Canada for their health-care needs.