Governor Paterson Should Resign

03.09.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[8]

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Just a week ago Friday, and less than a week after he officially announced that he would run for governor of New York, Governor David Paterson announced that he was out of the race. When making his announcement, Paterson told the press and the people of New York, “It has become increasingly clear to me in the last few days that I cannot run for office and try to manage the state’s business at the same time.”

New York State government is facing a severe economic crisis involving a sea of red ink -- what could be aptly described as an economic tsunami. Given the magnitude of the fiscal crisis, New York State needs gubernatorial leadership of the highest order. When he announced his decision not to seek a four year term, Governor Paterson said that he intended to finish his remaining 308 days in office. He said, “I will serve every one of them fighting for the people of the state of New York.”

In my view, it is preposterous to think that Governor Paterson can provide the necessary leadership to effectively govern for the rest of his term because of the scandal that is now surrounding himself, his administration, and the state police. This -- of course -- is the scandal over whether pressure was put on a woman to keep quiet after she made allegations of domestic abuse against David Johnson, one of Paterson’s top aides. At one point, Paterson even talked to the alleged victim on the phone -- something totally inappropriate, unethical, and perhaps even illegal, depending on what was said in the phone conversation.

I believe that Governor Paterson really cares for the people of New York. Given this, he should do the right thing and resign.

That’s right, Governor Paterson should resign.

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on 03.10.10 Abe commented

Dr. Coleman,
While usually I agree with your pithy political pontifications, I have to object to your call for Governor Patersons' head. What New York State needs right now is stability. The Governor resigning now would just cause more upheavel and problems. I think he should finish out his term.

Abe Kaplan

on 03.10.10 John commented

I agree with Abe, This is a delicate time in Albany and the state needs to get it's fiscal house in order. That can't happen without David Paterson in the governor's office. Plus, I think he's much more capable than the guy behind him. Richard Ravitch knows a lot about mass transit, but very little about state government
John Jacobson

on 03.10.10 Trevor commented

You're both wrong -Ravitch helped rescue the MTA from bankruptcy and he'd be more than capable at getting New York though this difficult time. I think Dr. Coleman is right - the gov's gotta go !

Peace out,
Trevor Blakeman

on 03.10.10 Alyssa commented

I just wish people would leave Governor Paterson alone. The press is driving this story, not facts or the rule of law. Lets remember, Mr. Paterson has not been charged with anything illegal yet. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty

on 03.10.10 Bill commented

If he tampered with a witness in a criminal investigation he should go to prison. I don't think Cuomo should be the one investigating him though - anyone smell a conflict of interest ???

on 03.10.10 Jonas commented

New York is the most dysfunctional state in the country and our leaders are the most corrupt people anywhere. I mean where does it end, monseratte, massa, paterson,rangle ....this is getting ridiculous !!!!

on 03.10.10 Robert Thomas commented

Dr. Coleman,
I fear for the future of this state. I thought Paterson would atleast bring morality back to politics after bonehead spitzer and his antics. Power corrupts - absolute power corrupts - absolutely !!!

on 03.10.10 Toby commented

Have you guys ever seen Fred Armistad play David Paterson on Saturday Night Live - it's pretty funny.