Every Parent's Battle: Excessive Snacking in Kids

03.05.10 | Sherri Watters | Comments[1]

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The easiest way to help our children and ourselves is to use this list to begin to weed out the toxic chemicals that are in so many snack foods. Learning to read labels will revolutionize your choices, giving you the edge on a healthier lifestyle! Here's an excerpt from "Pediatric Nutrition Program" by Global College of Natural Medicine:

12 Key Additives to Avoid and Their Health Risks

  1. Hydrogenated Fats - cardiovascular disease, obesity
  2. Artificial Food Colors - allergies, asthma, hyperactivity; possible carcinogen
  3. Nitrites and Nitrates - these substances can develop into nitrosa mines in body, which can be carcinogenic
  4. Sulfites (sulfur dioxide, metabisulfites, and others) - allergic and asthmatic reactions
  5. Sugar and Sweeteners - obesity, dental cavities, diabetes and hypoglycemia, increased triglycerides (blood fats) or candida (yeast)
  6. Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K and Saccharin) - behavioral problems, hyperactivity, allergies, and possibly carcinogenic. The government cautions against the use of any artificial sweetener by children and pregnant women. Anyone with PKU (phenylketonuria--a problem of phenylalanine, an amino acid, metabolism) should not use aspartame (Nutrasweet).
  7. MSG (monosodium glutamate) - common allergic and behavioral reactions, including headaches, dizziness, chest pains, depression and mood swings; also a possible neurotoxin
  8. Preservatives (BHA, BHT, etc.) - allergic reactions, hyperactivity, possibly cancer-causing; BHT may be toxic to the nervous system and the liver
  9. Artificial Flavors - allergic or behavioral reactions
  10. Refined Flour - low-nutrient calories, carbohydrate imbalances, altered insulin production
  11. Salt (excessive) - fluid retention and blood pressure increases
  12. Olestra (an artificial fat) - diarrhea and digestive disturbances

Other Concerns:

  • Food Waxes (protective coating of produce, as in cucumbers, peppers, and apples) - may trigger allergies, can contain pesticides, fungicide sprays or animal byproducts.
  • Plastic packaging - Carcinogenic (vinyl chloride); immune reactions, lung shock


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on 03.08.10 Diane commented

Thank you for all your good advice. I find it very helpful as I try to model healthy behaviour for my children. Keep up the good work.
Diane Kruger