Eliot Spitzer's New Career

10.06.09 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[9]

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Eliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace as New York’s Governor some eighteen months ago after he was publicly and accurately linked to prostitutes. His involvement with prostitutes shocked millions of New Yorkers because in his previous post as attorney general he had earned the reputation of a self-righteous prosecutor -- the "Sheriff of Wall Street" -- who went after businessmen and those engaged in prostitution.

Well, that was then. Eliot Spitzer now has a new gig as a political science professor at City College, which is part of New York City’s public university system. This semester he is teaching a course entitled “law and public policy.” Given his unique background and qualifications, there are at least five other courses that he could teach or co-teach in the future:

1. "Ethics and Politics"

2. "Hypocrisy and Politics"

3. "From the State House to the Cathouse"

4. A course co-taught with John Edwards entitled: "The Wives of Politicians and How to Share the Bad News."

5. "A course with South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford on the politics of Argentina.

Let me be frank. Eliot Spitzer betrayed the trust of the citizens of New York. He broke the law, cheated on his wife, and was guilty of hypocrisy -- big time. The fact a man who betrayed the public trust is teaching at a public college in New York City is a disgrace. What a horrible role model for impressionable young undergraduates.

I have a question for the parents: Would you want Eliot Spitzer teaching your kids?

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on 10.06.09 Jack commented

You forgot one class Spitzer could co-teach - Pop Culture - Poking Fun at infidelity with David Letterman

on 10.06.09 Tommy commented

I think you're being a little hard on the former gov - Sure he messed up - but everybody deserves a shot at redemption - don't they???

on 10.06.09 Jerry Balone commented

Great blog - I especially like the part about Argentina - by the way - when is Governor Sanford going to quite politics and join the private sector ???

on 10.06.09 Terry commented

To the last response - as soon as John Edwards come clean about his love child

on 10.06.09 Brenda commented

I think it's sad that you guys are making light of this issue. Infidelity destroys families and we should be praying for these fallen leaders, not condemning them.

on 10.06.09 Jonas commented

I agree - it's a sad commentary on our culture when a late night comedian can joke about 7 affairs and the audience laughs !!! What's up with that ???

on 10.06.09 Bill commented

Great Commentary Steve - love your sense of humor - keep up the good work

on 10.06.09 Paul commented

Machevelli said it best "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

on 10.06.09 Tony commented

I wonder - will the luv gov be collecting a pension with this new job - I think he shouldn't be able to