Drill Baby Drill, or Wait?

08.24.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[3]

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Intense debate and controversy continue over whether drilling for natural gas should be approved in the Marcellus Shale in Upstate New York. Some believe it will lead to an environmental catastrophe because it will pollute the water supply for many people in places like the Southern Tier. Others say going ahead with the drilling would not cause environmental damage and would constitute an economic bonanza worth billions of dollars.

I say that the people of New York should look to the people of Pennsylvania for guidance on this issue. You see, Pennsylvania allows drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. Therefore, Pennsylvanians are in a position to advise New Yorkers as to whether going ahead with drilling makes sense.

I urge people in Pennsylvania to email me and share their thoughts as to whether drilling in the Marcellus Shale would be a good thing for New York or is something that New York should postpone because of such things as environmental concerns. And by the way, it appears that Pennsylvania has had its share of problems with drilling. For example, Family Life News recently reported:

“There have been nearly 1,500 violations by companies drilling for natural gas in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale over the past two and a half years. According to the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association, the state has identified 1,435 violations by 43 companies since January 2008. Of those violations 952 were labeled as having or likely to have an impact on the environment."

To conclude, I want folks in the Keystone State to email me as to whether New York should say drill, baby, drill or step back from drilling in the Marcellus Shale. You can also comment below to let other readers know what you think. I’ll then talk about your comments in a future commentary.

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on 08.24.10 D. Paul commented

Personally, I would rather see the state invest in small wind turbines like the ones being developed in Western NY. WindTamers are already in several towns in the Southern Tier. These turbines are small rooftop units that have less environmental impact than the large erector set style structures that carry the power lines. In fact you could probably mount several windtamers on these structures and feed electricity directly into the grid. Making double use of them!
Lets get away from fossil fuels altogether!

on 08.24.10 Marcy Fitzgerald commented

I live in PA. near Towanda Bradford Co. and I would have to say NO to the gas drilling. I understand that everyone needs a job and they are very hard to come by BUT it has totally destroyed our town our comunity spiritually. People have gotten gready rent for housing is sky high it makes it impossible for the local people to live here. There is so many people homeless now because landlords have gotten gready so they find any reason they can to kick them out and jack up the rent for the gas well people prices in stores have gone up. A couple of weeks ago in our local paper it reported that families were forced to give up the children to foster care all due to the rise in rent and have no where to live. God bless those children to have to lose their parents due to peoples gread for the all mighty dollar it's not right so for all you New York people say NO to the gas drilling it will destroy your comunity
GOD Bless you all

on 08.28.10 Heather commented

just say NO!!! Drilling not only effects those close but everyone down stream. If possible watch the movie Gas Land.