Digital TV Transition, a Fuzzy Signal...

02.17.09 | Alan Gustafson | Comments[2]

Congress recently pushed back the "official" date of the Digital TV Transition until June. Some stations are waiting to switch, but others are sticking with the original February 17th deadline. That means by the end of Tuesday, a third of the nations's over-the-air television stations are expected to be broadcasting in digital. It is sure to cause a lot of confusion among a number of Americans who thought they had more time.

Is the nation ready for the switch? Nielsen recently estimated that between 6 and 7 million Americans who rely on over-the-air television are not prepared for the switch. That is about 5-percent of those who watch television on "rabbit ears." Those arguing against the transition say it will affect the elderly and lower incomes families, especially since the FCC's digital converter box program ran out of money.

But proponents of the February 17th deadline say the public was given years to prepare for the switch, and that pushing the program back four months will do nothing to stop people from procrasinating.

What are your thoughts? Do you think congress was right in delaying the transtion, and has the government been handling the transition well? If you have already made the switch, what was your experience?


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on 03.28.09 Midge Steva commented

I think people will procrastinate until we switch!! Better now than never!!


on 06.12.09 Sharleen commented

The government failed to address the rural population regarding this switch. It's great that I did get the box in July 08, but no one knew at that time that we would require the more powerful antena. I have already purchased two antenas, but took them back because they didn't work. Now I'm faced with $100+ cost of an outside antena plus the cost of installation, since I can't get on the roof myself to do this. So, as of today, we are off the air. Hey, maybe witht he trend towards poor quality programming and left wing biased media, maybe this isn't such a bad thing. I know I am not the only person faced with no TV after today. And, NO I will not pay for TV.