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06.15.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[0]

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A major reason why both the Empire and Keystone States are on the verge of financial mayhem is the fact there are simply too many governments, too many elected officials, and too many bureaucrats. Too much government is bad news for taxpayers who end up paying the bill. Furthermore, too much government often means waste, duplication of services, inefficiency, and even corruption and fraud.

So it's time for lawmakers in New York and Pennsylvania to get to work to cut down on government. In Upstate New York there has been discussion on eliminating the village of Painted Post and merging that local government with the town of Erwin in order to save tax dollars.

In Pennsylvania, lawmakers are considering wide-ranging legislation that could ultimately result -- via a constitutional amendment -- in a dramatic reduction in the number of governments. 2495 governments would be cut to 67...which is the number of counties in the Keystone State.

The goal here would be to eliminate all local governments...with the exception of the state's 67 countries that would serve as Pennsylvania's only local or regional governments. Now this plan is so comprehensive that it may never come to fruition. It is bound to be very controversial.

That said, any reduction of governments in both Pennsylvania and New York would be a giant step in the right direction.

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