Chocolate and Depression

04.30.10 | Sherri Watters | Comments[0]

If you're feeling down and reaching for the chocolate, here's some healthy ways to satisfy those cravings!

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(Chicago, IL) -- A new study shows people who feel depressed eat more chocolate than those who aren't in a down mood. While chocolate is considered a mood booster, few studies have confirmed the connection. University of California-Davis researcher Dr. Natalie Rose studied more than 900 men and women who were not taking antidepressant medication, assessing their moods using a common depression scale. Her findings show a strong association between chocolate consumption and depression.

Study participants who were depressed ate on average more than eight servings of chocolate per month, compared to more than five monthly servings for those not feeling depressed. People with major depression consumed nearly 12 servings of the sweet stuff per month.

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