Blogs by Month: 10 2011

The Death of Journalism

10.28.11 | Bob Price | Comments[7]

Nothing maddens me like lazy journalism. I can take the biased reporting…bias is unavoidable. It’s lazy reporting I have no tolerance for. Take for example, the Wall Street Occupation movement. According to the Media Research Center, ...

Mitt Romney’s Mormonism - it’s really just a matter of faith.

10.15.11 | Bob Price | Comments[15]

A lot of you have been wondering lately, does it matter if a Mormon occupies the White House? It scares a lot of Christians given the tenants of the Mormon faith. I strongly encourage you to read the God Makers by Ed Decker. It differentiates in ...

Capitalism on Trial

10.06.11 | Bob Price | Comments[5]

I don’t know how to take the occupy wall street protestors who’ve been camped out in lower Manhatten for the better part of 3 weeks now. Lacking a coherent message, it seems to me a hodge-podge of malcontents unhappy with their plot in ...