A Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Commentary

02.02.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[0]

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Today is a thumbs up and thumbs down commentary.

I say thumbs up to New York Democratic Congressman Eric Massa for wanting to scrap the current House and Senate healthcare plans and start over. It takes someone with guts and independence to buck the Obama Administration.

I say thumbs down to the fact that unemployment is going up in New York.

I say thumbs up to lawmakers in Williamsport, PA who recently accepted money from the Feds to put surveillance cameras on the streets. I’m hoping that cities and towns throughout New York and Pennsylvania follow that lead. Cameras will help to deter the street thugs and will get their pictures when they break the law.

I say thumbs down to the fact that unemployment is up in the Keystone State as well.

I say thumbs up to the decision to keep the North Penn High School in Blossburg, Pennsylvania open. Three cheers for local schools!

I say thumbs down to Mark Mcgwire for finally admitting to what everyone knew -- that he was a steroid user -- and that makes him a homerun cheat instead of a homerun king. Kids...stay away from steroids.

And finally, I say thumbs up to Pennsylvania Congressmen Chris Carney and Glenn Thompson for fighting to keep Interstate 80 toll free.

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