40 Years in the Final Frontier

07.20.09 | Comments[1]

40 years ago today, we put a man on the moon. I still have a hard time processing this feat-it was a time before the Age of Electronics, when the internet was but a dream and computers took up entire rooms. On that hot July evening four decades ago-with Americans crowding around their static-ridden analog television sets-Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surfacing of the moon and said “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” I think Mr. Armstrong’s moon walk represented something much more important that just a stroll across the lunar surface.

What did it represent? That famous Moon Walk took our entire nations to new heights; it was an astronomical achievement that spurned our country into an age of scientific exploration. Science became exciting and interesting and a field that needed to be explored. People flocked to the idea of become an astronaut, or engineer and aiding in the Space race. Sadly, in the four decades since then our interest in the heavens (and other hard sciences for that matter) is waning. The Pew Center recently conducted a poll that found our interest in science as a national achievement is plummeting. In 1997, 47 percent of us felt that science was our nation’s greatest achievement…no doubt putting a man on the moon was the greatest. However, new statistics show that number has fallen to 27 percent of our countryman agreeing with the importance of science. We are no longer fascinated by science and the world of opportunities those fields hold. That my friends, is a crying shame.

I am a firm believer that we need to once again engage and intrigue kids in the wonder of science; the vastness and novelty of space. Have you ever thought about how far a light year really is? Or the stars in the sky….are they always there or do new ones appear? Do you know what happens high up in the heavens above what the human eye can see? So much more is taking place in our solar system that we can fathom and witness…….activity that proves time and time again the awesomeness of our Creator. You may think we are wasting billions of dollars by building a space station that floats in the sky or taking shuttle missions to the heavens, but we’re not. We are investing in education, engaging kids in the world around and above them, and inspiring yet another generation to become astronauts and engineers. Today we should take time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the last 40 years and the opportunity we have in the next 40 to go beyond our earth’s limits to discover, explore, and learn about the vast universe God has given us.



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on 07.20.09 Brent M. Hamilton commented

Although I remember nothing from this day, My Mother remembers it quite well. I think there was some screaming, and a great deal of performance anxiety. I do remember being under a great deal of pressure. Little did I know at the time that my life was about to take a very radical change. I was told many years later that the "moon" was very visable that day. We all made a succeful landing! Mine was around 5:35 AM. Happy Birthday to me!