Why Is a Monthly Contribution So Important?

03.31.11 | Rick Snavely | Comments[0]

At Family Life we are so grateful for every Faith Partner whose sacrificial giving helps to make this ministry possible. So many of our friends have joined the "family" by becoming monthly Faith Partners, either by mailing their gift each month to Family Life or signing up to have their contributions taken directly from a bank account or a credit card as part of the Electronic Fund Transfer program.

When you become a monthly contributor to Family Life, you really are the backbone of what keeps the ministry going, especially during the leaner months of the year. Yes, the one-time gifts are extremely important and helpful in meeting the needs of the ministry, but the monthly gifts help to keep Family Life current with the myriad of expenses that come every month.

As you ask God what part He would have you play in Family Life's Spring Sharathon, would you consider having your partnership be monthly? Thank you for becoming a "friend of the family" with your generous support!

Your friend,

Rick Snavely, Family Life CEO



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