Why A Sharathon?

03.29.10 | Rick Snavely | Comments[1]

1. The Family Life Network does not sell commercial time. This allows for an uncluttered day of broadcasting. Underwriting of programs is part of the Network’s budget, but underwriting is limited to just the program blocks a few times a day. Some of the underwriting agreements are barter arrangements that FLN has with companies that assist Family Life.

2. The Family Life Network does not charge for airtime for its major syndicated programs such as Living on the Edge, Turning Point, Walk in the Word, Insight for Living, Truth for Life, etc. Normally, these ministries would pay a radio station to place their broadcast on that station. However, the Family Life Network feels these particular programs are of utmost importance, so we would never want them to be removed because listener response is low for a particular broadcast.

3. You help raise nearly 83% of the Family Life Network’s annual contributions during the semi-annual sharathons. You have the privilege of knowing that you’re directly involved in the continuation of the Network. If you do not respond financially, we cease to exist. It is as simple as that. We appreciate you greatly when you sense the responsibility to contribute to a ministry that helps you and many others.

4. A Sharathon is a great way for you to get to know the announcers and staff in a more personal way. Besides, it’s great fun!

5. The Sharathon gives us a barometer to measure our effectiveness in meeting your needs. It also allows us to know how far and how fast expansion of programming and outreach can occur.

6. The Sharathon helps to provide needed financial resources to allow for other personal ministries to happen for your benefit – things such as:

a. Dinner Concerts & Dinner Theaters

b. Online Music Formats

c. Drama Workshops for Adults and Youth

d. Pastors' Conferences

e. Singles’ Conferences (SALSA)

f. Camp Edge for Youth

g. Seniors’ Luncheons

h. Bible Quizzing for Teens

i. Concerts throughout New York & Pennsylvania

j. Bible Correspondence Courses

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on 04.07.10 Lori Stevens commented

I was just listening to the shareathon and had to chuckle at the contest between NY and PA. I hadn't heard anyone mention that Lucille Ball was from NY. She has a museum in Jamestown. We also have a county that at one point had a ratio of five cows to every one person. This was several years ago, but we also have a spot between Perry and Warsaw that the cows had their own road built underneath Route 20A so they did not have to stop traffic to let them cross anymore.