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10.16.10 | Comments[2]

It’s still early in the day… there is a moderate buzz about the building, but the usual Sharathon Saturday craziness hasn’t kicked in yet.  It’s given me time to think about these 4 days.  It is, in this moment and beyond the buzz, making me take time to listen. All I hear is a whisper.  I’ve heard it in conversations.  I’ve read it in my morning devos.  I’ve felt it stirring in my memory like a long forgotten dream. I don’t know if I can put it in words – it’s more like a recognition of something so real that it makes the rest of us seem like shadows in its light.  The “I AM” is speaking, and all I can do is take my hands off the circumstances and let the Living God breathe into my life.

We never know what a Sharathon will bring. That can easily bring out all my insecurities – or I can release my desire to control the outcome and let freedom flood my mind and emotions. God is moving, making, mixing it up.  He is the molder of this ministry. He will do what He will do – and bottom line, He will take care of me.  If I could say anything to you it would be this… He will take care of you.  It’s so easy for us to get overwhelmed by circumstances and base our actions those.  But the great “I AM” says ‘just trust Me’ and don’t believe the lies that keep you in bondage, whether emotional, spiritual, or financial.  He is calling us to freedom – freedom to love… freedom to live… freedom to give.  We are more than we know in Jesus Christ.  We are more… more than conquerors. Now can you imagine what would be unleashed in this world if we acted as if it is so?

Again, this may just be me and what I’m learning on my journey.  Kinda personal stuff, but I guess that’s what blogs are about.  But if this connects to your journey, you’re not alone.  We’re on a great adventure, we’re being written into an epic story, and if we don’t get sidetracked by the rabbit trails of life amazing things await us.  More than we can ask or think. Really.

I don’t know if you’re being called to be part of this ministry – that’s between you and God.  But if you are being called, don’t let circumstances sidetrack you. Don’t let fear daunt you. And don’t let the cares of this world paralyze you. Set your foot on the road and let the adventure begin….


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on 10.16.10 God is always in control<3 commented

I am also learning to trust, have faith, and stop and listen to the small still voice that is God speaking to me. I am so beginning to see that God is in control of every moment of our lives. All we need to do is to slow down to listen and see all that God has blessed Us with. Meeting, acknowledging, and accepting Jesus into my life has been the biggest blessing of them all! Through Him I am growing and changing and learning to love, live, and let live. I am learning to laugh and feel the joy of knowing and following Him! We have so very much to be thankful for and I am so very thankful for You and all that You and Family Life do for our community<3<3

on 10.16.10 Richard commented

Just got home from FLM. My wife Susan and I did three hours on the phones. We love FLM. It's hard to put into words what it means to me. I just retired from my job as a correction officer and so many times at work I would feel the heaviness and dispair of the prison. Where I worked though, there was a radio nearby and whenever I was able to listen to FLN the music, teachings and familiar voices always seemed to lift my burden. I love Family Life Network and the people that minister through it. So as everyone always says, : To God be the glory ".