Time spins so quickly...

10.13.10 | Comments[1]

Time spins so quickly around.  The last time I blogged the leaves were beginning to bud – now they’re beginning to die.  I hit another birthday, had an unexpected date with a neurosurgeon, and watched my in laws go through hip replacement and cancer surgery.  Changes – they can be delightful, but these days they feel more scary and unsettling than exciting. What with the economy, world unrest, and the constant media noise, I feel like my cage is being rattled all the time – and sometimes I don’t recognize the world I live in.

So what has this got to do with Sharathon?  Well, a lot. 

Sharathon always make me stop and think.  I could look at our four day foray in two ways – I could buy into the uncertainty of the times and worry and wonder if we’ll receive what we need to even exist… or I can look at reality.  I can look at God. He isn’t moved by the winds of change that move me. He isn’t shaken by shifts in governments. He doesn’t concern Himself with dollars and cents because He owns it all. He is concerned with you and me, and for goodness sakes if we would just trust Him, we could find more than prosperity… we’d find peace.  Okay, maybe it’s just me who gets so easily knocked off balance. That’s why I need the other thing that’s rock solid in this life – I really need God’s people.  I’m not just talking about faith promises, I’m talking about your prayers, your loyalty, your kindness and encouragement.  These things mean more to those of us at Family Life than you know. We’re made of sometimes stumbling flesh and blood, just like you – and we all need each other.  That’s the way our Father means for it to work – and that’s what makes us strong. Unshakeable. At peace.

This Sharathon we’re “reaching out to you.”  And I hope you’re reaching back. There’s nothing we can’t face… together.

Later, my friends…


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on 02.28.11 MD Life commented

Yes! I agree with You...
Time is soo Faster Then Us..
Thank You

MD Life