The Highs And The Lows

04.08.10 | Comments[0]

Second day of Sharathon. New morning – new day… and God’s mercies are fresh and overflowing as each day dawns. That’s good to know – really good. You see, yesterday was a day full of highs and lows.

I debated on whether to share this, but being part of the body of Christ means being real with each other… so here goes. Yesterday Denny got the news that his Dad has cancer… lung cancer. Most of the day was spent waiting to hear the prognosis from the doctor. Finally, after Denny and I did our on-air interview yesterday, we found out – yes, it’s definitely cancer… but it’s treatable and curable. We could finally exhale. I mean, there’s still a lot of concern – his Dad has heart trouble, so surgery will be tricky – but there is hope. Lots of hope – and our God is mighty to save. It’s at times like this that a phrase like “mighty to save” becomes very personal… very real – and I wonder why it’s like that. Why don’t I live there all the time? I don’t know. Our Father is there every moment, filling every corner of our lives with Himself. He is mighty to save in our finances… in our relationships… in our physical bodies. God is never less than who He is no matter what’s going on… and He is mighty to save in every single circumstances from the smallest to the biggest. But sometimes I falter and fret and let the circumstances overwhelm me. Jesus is risen – and I sometimes forget how huge that is. He has broken the chains of every circumstance, every sin, every lie the Enemy has ever told me. He is not less now than that day when the stone rolled away. He is the Light – and the darkness will never overcome Him. I want to live in this reality every day – Father help me.

I know these times are rocked by uncertainty. I know your world may be rocked by uncertainty, like ours has been. But God doesn’t change – not in His power, His presence, or His promises to us. For real. I’m going to have to chew on this through my Sharathon days. It’s all I’ve got… and it’s all I really need.

More later…



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