The Focus

04.09.10 | Comments[3]

It’s not always easy to get “bloggy” with it. There are times when it seems I can’t hold a thought in my brain for more than 5 seconds – then throw this marathon called Sharathon into the mix… focus overload! But life is like that. Focus sometimes seems like a feather being batted around by the whims of the wind… a slight twist in a situation and our outlook shifts again. I don’t know why I’m so focused on “focus” this morning except that it tends to be the compass for our thoughts – and what we think shapes who we become.

I struggle with this. Situations tend to play me like a cheap violin, and the tune is never my own. My mood, my self-esteem, my view of others can change at the drop of a word – and suddenly, I totally lose my sense of direction… sometimes even the sense of who I am. Why do I bring this up in the middle of a Sharathon? I guess it’s because Sharathon is so much about focus – not focus on money… not focus on numbers… not even focus on the stuff we do. It’s about focus on God – His dreams and His desires for His people. That sounds like a “well, duh,” I know, but think about it. A lot of times we get more attached to our “ideas” about God than we do to God Himself. We can even be more devoted to serving Him than we are to our relationship with Him. When we start drifting in that direction, our focus shifts. We become a victim of circumstances – circumstances become our gauge to tell us if we’re doing things right.

I think about the Psalm my friend gave me. Psalm 16 verse 8 – “I have set the Lord before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.” No feather in the wind… no fuzzy focus – I shall not be moved. Thank you, Father for making it so simple, even if it’s not always easy. Bottom line, this Sharathon is not about Family Life… it’s about God – who He is, what He has done, what He is going to do. And if our focus is on Him – not on the chaotic world around us – we shall not be moved.

Hope this makes sense… By the way, feel free to comment.

Sandy out….



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on 04.09.10 John & Helen Yeaney commented

We love Family Life and all that it brings into our lives. We enjoy the antics during share-a-thon, but our focus is on allowing the Good News to be spread along the airwaves, through our contribution. We continue to pray that other listeners will feel the same.

on 04.13.10 Trent commented

Now THAT's good preachin'!

on 04.14.10 Martha Sykes commented

Amen to all of that!!In this crazy world, I could not survive if I didn't keep my focus on what our awesome God does each day and FLN plays a big part in that. Praise to Him for the successful Sharathon!