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This is Saturday – last day of Sharathon. It’s a long one, overstuffed with energy, life, and with a swirl of faces – some new, many familiar moving like a kaleidoscope through the gym. Fun… noise… celebration… emotions spilling onto tablecloths and spilling over the airwaves – these are all the things that make a Sharathon.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but these days spent “Sharathoning” seem like an island carved out of time – like a separate reality filled with the things we too often neglect. Laughter… hugs… and the time to tell our stories. We hear so many stories in these days… stories of grace, stories of sorrow turned to sweetness, stories that are simply a way to connect. The names on the mailing list become more – so much more. They walk through our door. They call us on the phone. They spend the day with us chatting at tables or online – sharing laughter, tears, victories… sharing their stories. For these four days, their stories and ours are woven together – and something happens. We get a taste of something real – something grander than ourselves. We get see ourselves as part of God’s story. I know this sounds so artsy, but if you can remember “let’s pretend” as a little kid, you know what I mean. You’re a cowboy or a princess, a super hero or an angel – and you’re inside an adventure that is as big as your imagination. You’re part of something bigger than cleaning your room or going to school. Of course, when we grow up we put away those childish things… or are they really so childish? Maybe God doesn’t want us to shelve our imaginations or use them only to entertain children. Maybe He wants our imaginations for Himself, to help us see possibilities, to help us envision the unimaginable things He has for us. The Bible tells us that the doorway to seeing God’s reality is faith – it’s the title deed to the things we hope for, and proves the existence of those things we can’t see. Faith places me in the middle of the story God is writing. That’s what I feel in these four timeless days of Sharathon… something more real than the limits of my life. It’s something God is making from the lives of all of us – together. It’s not about the dollars, it’s not even about the fun. It’s about God, scribing us into His plans… imprinting us on the palm of His hand.

I hope this isn’t too “out there” for everyone. I guess Sharathon mode does funny things to the brain, too. Anyway, it’s time to stop writing and start Sharathoning… and re-enter the Story.



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on 04.10.10 jeromie templar commented

i want to god bless and god speed to you at fln . i have been listening to fln for about 6 years , your daily encouragement and programs on the radio have helped me through some tough times. thanks to god for turning me towards your blessed radio station that is there to lift my spirit up and get me through the day ,and to let me know that there are bigger and better things to come in the future for me . All praise to our loving god for steering me towards the right path in my life. God bless to you at fln for spreading the word of god to those who need it . thank you for all you do at fln ,and for being there when i need to hear some encouragement and to be lifted up by the love god has for me. THANK YOU AND TO GOD BE THE GLORY. GOD BLESS TO YOU FLN AND YOUR FAMILIES . Thank You from jeromie templar from clyde n.y . " PRAISE GOD "!!!