Sharathon, Day 2: Everyone Has a Story

04.08.11 | Darcie Schwarz | Comments[3]

I worked as a phone operator this morning, answering the calls of people feeling led by God to support Sharathon. Most folks called in with a faith promise. Some called in for personal prayer. Others called to say they couldn’t support this year but were praying for Family Life from a distance.   

Can I say something?

I love this job. I love being a phone operator. The experience humbly reminds me why I do what I do. Each caller has something special to share - their story, a prayer need, and sometimes… a good laugh.

I spoke with a newly married mom able to give from her budget for the first time. You could tell she was excited – and emotional – about her family’s financial situation finally turning around. A few minutes later, a man with his four-year-old son called, little Tyler, who was ready to give the first dollar he had earned by making his bed that morning. Later on I was blessed by a single parent “apologizing for not being able to give more.” We prayed for her situation, and before finishing the conversation, she asked about the prayer concerns on my heart. What a blessing.

One of my last calls was with a middle-aged gentleman whose father was in WWII. His dad had recently died from cancer after suffering from years of radiation poisoning. Callers were pouring in at the time but my heart couldn’t help but smile as he continued on about his late father.  He chucked as he recounted a funny war story his dad would tell. The memory was poignant, but joy took over as he told the story. One morning his dad and his army buddies were out driving a jeep when a wild boar jumped out of the bushes and started chasing their vehicle. To their ill-fated surprise, no one had gassed up the jeep the night before, and the vehicle was close to out of feul. As the engine spit and sputtered, the men were forced to jump from the jeep and run up the nearest tree to escape the wild boar!

I laughed pretty hard.  

This is what Sharathon is all about. It’s so much more than a fundraising event. The heart of Sharathon beats to the heart of God. It’s about people loving people and sharing their lives.  It’s about the children of the Lord coming together for a purpose greater than any one individual, greater than any one organization. God has a plan and that plan is so multi-dimensional it blows my mind. Thank you to all my callers today. You helped me to see God more clearly.

And a little belly laughter never hurts either. ;)


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on 04.08.11 Deb Ackley~ commented

Excellent post ((((Darcie)))))

on 04.08.11 Jon commented

That sounds really cool. Thanks for sharing the bigger picture :)

on 04.09.11 LeeAnne commented

This was the first sharathon I was able to participate in contributing to. I am also a single mother on a very fixed income but I just felt God calling me to give. When I called to ask how giving a monetary gift worked the gentalman I spoke to was so very kind and very understanding when I said the most I could offer was 10 dollars a month. So thank you to all the workers who gave of their time to listen to our stories.