Sharathon, Day 1: Wear What You Want

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New graphic t'sSomehow in the middle of all the planning that happens before Sharathon, someone thinks to send out a list of which shirts to wear each day. Saturday, everyone will be in their light blue Family Life button-down shirt. Tomorrow, everyone will be wearing a dark blue Family Life polo shirt. Today, though, we can wear whatever we want, as long as it's a Family Life logo shirt.

This year, we have some new graphic t's. Several of our staff members are already wearing them. I'm not sure...they may have just forgotten to wear a Family Life shirt and bought one when they got here today. Probably not. They look super hip today. They are the most trendy of our staff.

Sharathon, Day 1Some of the ladies are wearing the bright pink Family Life t-shirt, that is now discontinued. It takes something special to pull off such a bright color. Those gals are the most cheerful of the staff. That brightness radiates right off their faces, with the love of Jesus.

I've noticed several of the guys today are wearing their dark blue polo shirts, a day early. It's challenging, but I'm making mental notes. There's not much time for laundry during Sharathon weekend, so my goal tomorrow is to avoid the ripeness.

Cecil in greenThis brings me to the bright green polo shirts. They are a special Kelly Green shade, that I have never been able to pull off in fashion. They somehow don't look bad on my co-workers. It reminds me of St. Patrick's Day and the renewal that comes from each spring. Two really fashionable ladies on the staff have found a way to pair this shirt with a jacket and scarf. They are stylin'.

The rest of us are, well, random fashionistas. Some are in shirts I've never seen, with Family Life logos two and three generations old. One member of our accounting staff has both a Family Life shirt and zipper sweatshirt. I'm glad that the folks keeping the track of our money are doubly careful.

Me? I chose a predictable, dark blue Family Life T, with a bold white logo. I'm a little surprised that I'm the only one wearing this. Of course, it does avoid all the awkwardness that comes from showing up someplace and finding out you're wearing the same thing as someone else.

Mmm mmm mmm!!!Good news, for you. There's no dress code to come visit Sharathon. We'd love to see you in person in Bath, NY. Friday and Saturday we'll have the Kid's Carnival and great food. Plus, you could win a six person RV Camping and full-event pass package for Kingdom Bound. And while you're here, maybe you'll decide to buy one of those swanky new Family Life t-shirts. Next year, we'll be sure you get the memo.


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