Sharathon... again

04.07.10 | Comments[0]

Wow. Seems like yesterday we had our last Sharathon… and now, another one is springing up under my feet. And as always, I always feel anxious, excited… maybe even a little unprepared. You’d think I’d be used to it by now – I mean, this is my 23rd or 24th one (math is not my strength) – but each Sharathon is a new, living thing. I know it may seem like it’s always the same old kind of thing – sharing the ministry and inviting people to be a part of it. We broadcast, we joke, we eat, we encourage and entertain every fall and spring like clockwork. Same stuff, same event. But really, it’s more like puppies. Puppies are always dogs, no matter what. They are born that way and stay that way until they die. But each individual puppy has its own look, it’s own personality. It may be spotted and playful. It may be golden and devoted. It may wag its tail or jump up to greet you… and no two puppies are totally alike. But one thing stays the same – the essential nature of a dogginess… they are our protectors, companions, and friends.

There is no doubt in my mind that this Sharathon will be unique. But one thing is sure – its essential nature will not change. Sharathon exists to communicate God’s goodness to you… and to allow you to become part of what God’s doing in and through Family Life. This ministry belongs to Him – period. And we exist to creatively express the Truth about who He is – and how very much He loves you and I.

And now, let the excitement begin!





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