Praying for Japan

03.25.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[1]

We hear reports on the news every hour.   We see the images on the television and internet played over and over.  Many of us have friends or family who are affected by the tragedy.  The events that have rocked Japan since March 11th's earthquake and tsunami are devastating. 

As we join together Wednesday, March 30th to pray for the needs of the Family Life Sharathon, we want to ask you to also pray for the people of Japan.  We are encouraged in Galatians to bear one another’s burdens.  Thousands have died, thousands are grieving and literally hundreds of thousands have lost everything – family members, homes, businesses.  Life as they knew it is gone forever.

How should we pray?  We begin with a reality that seems strangely juxtaposed with the current situation in Japan, nonetheless it is true:  God is good.  He has lavished His goodness on us and those around us.  So we begin by thanking Him for his undeserved blessings.

Many of the people of Japan face a daily spiritual calamity:  being separated from God.  They don't even recognize it, nor do they know what to do about it.  Of Japan’s 135 million people, the overwhelming majority are Buddhist and Shinto.  The percentage of Christians in the country is around 1%.  That would be like taking the populations of California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio – and having a total Christian population of one city the size of San Diego. 

So, while it is important to pray for their physical needs, our highest prayer is for individuals to be rescued permanently for eternity’s sake, through salvation in Jesus Christ.

Here are some specific concerns to pray for:

* for locating and recovery of those killed to help bring closure for families still missing loved ones.

* for relief workers who are looking for the missing and/or delivering supplies to meet felt needs; that they will be safe, rested and that they too will be led to Christ..

* for families as they begin to rebuild their lives, homes, and jobs.

* for the children who are often the most vulnerable amidst the aftermath of a disaster.

* for Japanese officials, that they may have great wisdom as they proceed with the safety issues of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the rebuilding of Japan's infrastructure and economy.

* for  the simple survival needs such as water, food, shelter, clothing, more health care workers and supplies, medications, and search and rescue volunteers.

Please join us Wednesday, March 30th as together we thank the Lord for His goodness and ask for His mercy and favor on the people of Japan. 


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on 03.28.11 Anonymous commented

When devastation is this vast, it is hard to know where to begin. Thank you for breaking down this over whelming need of prayer.

God bless you all.