Of Being Obedient And Available...

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Hey gang,

I guess we dropped a bit of a bombshell on you during Spring Sharathon, when Rick announced that Sonny would be moving to afternoons, that Kurt and Jean would move to mornings, and that I’d be coming off the air. It’s the kind of news that can really upset the apple cart, and get folks speculating as to “Why?” So, I’ll try to explain, and hopefully avoid the speculation.

In a nutshell, God orchestrated this by speaking to me. For a long time, my heart has been stirring in this direction. (I journal several times a week, and looking back through many an entry, the stirring was mentioned many times, in many ways.)

Meanwhile, 2009 was – well - a tough year, physically speaking. I had two knee surgeries and a neck surgery within 7 months, with a lotta pain and/or rehab in between. I did little yard work, climbing stairs was a real “joy,” and hacking around a golf course? Not an option. So I sat around a lot... but frankly, I’m just not one to sit around! So I spent my couch-potato time reading, studying, praying, and searching. See, I’m at an age where there’s more life in the rear view mirror than in the front windshield. (I know I hide it well...thanks...) So I want the rest of my days to count not just for “good,” but for the very “best” God would have. Now, the thought of coming off the air surfaced many times over many months, but it was always quickly followed by, “No, of course not! This is a great job...” That is, until late October. This time the stirring was different –wouldn’t leave me alone. On a Friday night, Sandy and I prayed before bed, “Lord, please make it clear what You want.” The next morning, I woke up at 5:30, and this notion filled my head. I asked, “Father God, is it time to come off the air?” “Not yet,” came the immediate unmistakable reply. And as I asked, “Well then, when...?” The same immediate unmistakable voice answered, “End of the year.” Wow. Now, I realize God speaks to people in many different ways – but this was as clear as I can express. And God’s time frame made sense as, for various reasons, I would be off the air almost all of the holiday season. So our audience would be used to me being gone, right? By the same token, I knew this would be extremely short notice for Family Life. But, I thought, “God said it so - here goes....”

That week, I spoke to all my supervisors, and told them what the Lord had said. I also explained what I thought God was directing me to do instead. They were as understanding and supportive as they could afford to be, given that I was proposing a major apple cart upheaval. They couldn’t promise – but listened respectfully. And hey, this was all I could ask of them... but in my heart, I knew God was at work, and believed He could and would make this happen. So I began to mentally prepare for a change – for my main objective was not to spill apples, but to simply be obedient and available to this new call from the Lord.

Well, as you now know, the changes didn’t happen on January 1st, but the wheels sure had been set in motion by then, and now, beginning April 26, the change is becoming reality.

The main point I want you to get, is the point God made with me: To always be obedient and available to His call. He loves you and wants the very best for His kids – ALL of His kids. For “He works all things together for good for those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.” It’s His purpose we are to accomplish, while we trust that He has our best interest in mind. So, in the spirit of Romans 8:28, and to squelch any speculation, please know:

- This is no reflection on my relationship with Sonny. Sonny is a great guy that I’ve grown to care about a great deal. He is my friend and my brother, and we’ve been good for each other in many ways that are personal to us. I will always be grateful for the time we have shared, and I am fully confident that you afternoon listeners will fall in love with Sonny.

- Kurt and Jean are two genuinely nice guys who are embracing this change with humility and respect, and I am excited about the fun they will bring to the mornings, along with Rachelle Renee when she moves here in July.

- This came from the Boss of Bosses, the Lord of Lords. It is in no way a disciplinary action, or a matter of someone’s promotion or demotion. We are still the same team, on the same mission. In baseball terms, we’ve merely changed positions and batting order. (And yes, I’m still “out in left field” in many respects!  ...some things don’t change!)

- Finally – Hey - I’m still here – lurking in the shadows. (insert evil laugh) Seriously, I will still make my presence known around here – for my job description from God is to spread joy and laughter to the body of Christ – and the world. And I can’t do that by keeping silent! So... BOOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA!!!

Well, there you have it. I’m excited to watch God work things together for good, and pray that you will embrace these changes willingly and lovingly. In my next blog, I’ll try to explain what God now has in store for me. Thanks for reading!


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on 04.12.10 Dan commented

You are certinly in a class our God above is very proud of! I've listend to you since 2002 or so and have to say it was you and John that brought me back to the lord. You two were truly some of Gods most visible works to me. Ya know that was the first time I had realy realized that doing Gods work wasnt realy something that I had to think of as being a chore to do to make sure I didnt goof-up but rather that Gods People can let him lead them and not worry because it will always work out. The J&D show was the only radio stasion (WCOG) that my old buick would pick up on the way to work and without fail I would be laughing uncontrolably at least once everyday on the way to work. Some may think thats not what being a Christan is supposed to be cocerned with but i believe the opposite is true, if you dont have enough faith to live with the vigure you do than your missing alot!! Thanks Denny!! May God Always Be With You and Sandy in every thing you do.

on 04.15.10 Paul commented

While I have never called the network, nor sent sent E-mails, I want you to know that listening to the morning show with you and John first, and then with Sonny after John left, was a help in my growth as a Christian over these past few years. You guys help prove that those who follow Christ aren't the somber, joyless imaginings that more worldly people may at times think we are. And perhaps I needed to experience some of that myself.
You're following God's leading, which is awesome. You can't go wrong with that. Where you go wrong, is when you fight God on where He's leading you.
God Bless, and thanks for both the encouragement over the air, and for the laughter,


on 04.12.10 Deborah commented

Wow Denny, thank you for being so faithful to God's call on your life and so open with us here in "radio-land"! I can hardly wait to see how He blesses you. May God continue to richly bless you!

on 04.12.10 TrenchMommy commented

Thanks for the post, Denny. It's easy to see that it came from the heart.

on 04.12.10 Dawn T commented

Denny I will miss you in the mornings (I never thought John leaving was something I'd ever get past either) but through the transition and with the addition of our "wonderful Sonny" I did. Fortunatly I work where I can listen to FLN all day so I know enough to say Kurt and Gene in the AM and Sonny in the afternoon will be just lovely. Please promise us all that you will continue the parody song work...we all love the songs. And pop in on air often, for you are a true sorce of joy and you will be missed.

on 04.12.10 Mary C. commented

Denny, Best of luck in your future God work. He always blesses those that bless Him. Even though you would not agree, you are a blessing to many. I will look forward to hearing Sonny in the afternoon & the "Bacon Boys" in the AM. I can't imagine not receiving a signal to be able to tune into FLN. God Bless you all & Denny---Rock On!!!

on 04.12.10 Reenie D., Charlotte, NC commented

Denbo! Sheesh! I'm sure gonna miss hearing my brother's voice every work morning. Since you and Sandy moved to the Great White North, listening to FLN (via internet) was pretty much my only connection wit youze guys. I'm pretty verklempt right now, but know you are listening to God and that's what matters! Hopefully I'll still hear your very distinguishable (Porky Pig, don't ya know) voice on recorded promos and comedy bits. Don't forget . . . I love ya more than my luggage! Sandy too!

on 04.12.10 Cheryl commented

Who can argue when you're listening to God! My best to you. You will be missed. I agree with Dawn, pop in and let your presence be known on the air occasionally. May God continue to bless you in your obedience to Him!!

on 04.12.10 AJS commented

Every morning on my drive to work I listen to you and Sonny and it is such a wonderful start to my day. You & Sonny will be missed greatly. I pray that God will continue to guide your journey to new things. Kurt & Jean have some big shoes to fill, but I know they can do it. Thanks for all the laughs and the positive uplifting messages. Luckily my drive home will be during Denny's show. Take care.

on 04.12.10 Kathy commented

Wow, you will be missed! We've been listening since Jim Travis and John were the morning guys. We wish you the best. Of course we will soon love the "new" morning guys just as much but we will always wonder, "whatever happened to what's his name?"

on 04.13.10 Pete In Oswego commented

Sure gonna miss your zany personality on the show and at Kingdombound. The Lord's changes over the past few years have been to say breathtaking.

Was stunned when John went to SC. Then Roger goes to VA. The Randy man, well, not sure where he went. And now you. Lots of change since 1999 when we started picking you up here by the Lake.

Well new orders from headquarters are not to be missed. But we will miss you and the Godly humor and incredible parody's you brought to our lives.

Say hi to Charlene and Mr. Ludbetter. We will miss you too but know that by Grace we live for the future, not our past and so look forward to hearing more of the wonderful things the 'short' end of our lives on earth yield.

Blessings on you and Sandy as you go.

on 04.13.10 Donna Jones commented

WOW Denny, Thanks for loving the Lord and doing what He wants you to do. You will be missed in the mornings and so will Sonny. You 2 have made many mornings joyful for me. Helping me keep my eyes on our Lord and going on with my difficult day. Love you guys in the Lord. May God continue to bless you and fln for many years to come.

on 04.13.10 Jennifer from Apalachin commented

God does want HIS best for all of us so who are we to argue when the Lord has spoken so clearly to you? I have listened to FLN for probably 10 years now and you have been a fixture in my morning routine. But believe me- never taken for granted! Your humor and obvious love for the Lord is infectious. I pray that God will bless all you lay your hand to. We will look and listen for clues of you lurking in the background. Thank you for all the years you have blessed my socks off!

on 04.13.10 Terri Maynard commented

You and John are what "addicted" me to Family Life, along with our Lord, of course. Having John leave the air was a tough one, but I got through it and still love Family Life and the Lord. Now, you are leaving too, but I wish you all good things and Family Life will still be my love. Thank you for everything you have brought to Family Life and to me personally. I wish you the very best in your next venture.

In Christ,


on 04.13.10 Shannon from Buffalo commented

Denny its amazing how you and Sonny have become part of our family here in the morning. My eyes well up with tears as I think of not hearing you on the airwaves. Thank you for setting such an amazing example for all of us and for your obedience to our Lord and Savior. We look forward to hearing what God has in store for you and your family. We love you and thank you for the many years you've given us.

on 04.13.10 Pastor Jeff commented

God already has the next chapter of you life written, brother and sister. You just haven't read it yet. How exciting to be turning the page!

My Prayers are with you!

on 04.13.10 Mischelle commented

What a shock! I have been a faithful listener for 2 yrs now and just love my time with you & Sonny in the morning. I know Kurt & Jean will do a good job but they will never be able to replace you! You have such a way about you. Take Care and may God Bless you and your new journey.

Sonny, I hope you will be on the air for my ride home, I have come to love hearing your calming voice.

Thank you both for being such an inspriation!

on 04.13.10 Rae commented

He has put this path before you. A new adventure for you and the team as a whole. My family and I will miss you in the morning, but we will look forward to the future. God Bless all of you!!!

on 04.13.10 Chrissi commented

Denny. Thank you so much for this blog. I will never be able to tell you how much it touched me. I will deeply miss hearing you on the radio. However, you reminded me that I need to be patient and listen to God. Whether I like it or not. You are truly a faithful servant.

on 04.13.10 JT commented

Greetings and Salivations, Benny D! It's with a tear in my throat and a lump in my eye to hear of your leaving the broadcastial airways, but see, HEEERE'S THE THING - it's been my deciduous provolone to have been your candidate-at-extra large and pandemic political analgesic all those years with J&D, the Randy Man and even Sonny Delight!!
And so we move on, over and under, dot-org! It's like mah Pappy Ledbetter usta say, "the early bird may get worms, but the second mouse gets the cheese!" So, in contusion, may your poltergeist leanings always be right and the Lord be with you in all that you do. Thanking you for your indefagitable support-hose, I remain -- JEFFERSON T. LEDBETTER

on 04.13.10 Donna Lougher commented

I am surely going to miss you in the morning. I also understand when you "get the call to step out in faith." I will miss you and Sonny in the am. Keep in touch and let us know how God is leading you in your new adventure.

on 04.13.10 Tyler commented

Denny, You will surely be missed! I can't help but ask, what will you be doing at Family Life in the shadows?

on 04.13.10 Dennis C . commented

You will be missed. Hope you will enjoy you life that God is pointing you towards. Please keep us posted on what that is.

on 04.13.10 Debbie commented

Denny You and Sonny are an awesome team. You get the mornings off to a very happy start along with regular devotions . You will be missed but I Know God will richly bless you and Sonny in the differnet areas. Kurt and Jean are awesome as well. God does not make mistakes. God Bless the FLN Family.

on 04.13.10 Ellen commented

Hi, Dinny. Your comments made me cry because I dare to think I know you, having listened to you for SO LONG!! Many times have you brought laughter to my carpool of school-bound children and now grand children. But I understand. I also cried: One, for your love and obedience to the Lord to accept change, something I am also dealing with. Two, because you touch upon another topic near and dear to my heart. It always troubles me when folks say they have more time in their past than in their future; this is simply not true!! I believe death is but a transition to another world that has unlimited time before us for serving the Lord, though I also eagerly await the time we will spend on this earth (1000 years) before it is renewed. Eternity is, well, eternal, so I rarely look back; I therefore challenge you to rediscover the ageless life God has planned for us all as 'metamorphize' today. I am glad you will remain at FLN and always figured you were the artistic genius behind much of what goes on there. It can only get better, right? It would be nice if you could pitch hit every now and then and do a radio show for us all, just to let us all know you are well and in your own way saying you have not forgotten us. You will be missed, but not forgotten. One Spirit binds us all. To God be the Glory.

on 04.13.10 Kathy commented

You certainly will be missed but know we support you in following the Lord's direction. It is not for us to question but to follow. Our family has shared many laughs across the miles that originated with the morning guys - you have helped to keep us connected thru the internet and the wide expanse of the network. We appreciate your sensitivity and know God will continue to use you and Sandy. Glad you have touched our lives thru FLN.

on 04.13.10 Jessica commented

About 5 years ago during a Sharathon I had an opportunity to speak to you about where God was leading me. I too was at that time in my life (more past than future)and found myself at college with kids the same age as mine. You were so encouraging to me and talking to you helped me to focus on God being in control. No matter our age...all we do should be for God's glory and honor. Thank you for your faithfulness, your laughter and your compassion every day on the air. Whatever God has planned for you, we (your radio friends) will support and pray for you and Sandy. May God continue to bless you and FLN misnistry.

on 04.13.10 Jessica commented

About 5 years ago during a Sharathon I had an opportunity to speak to you about where God was leading me. I too was at that time in my life (more past than future)and found myself at college with kids the same age as mine. You were so encouraging to me and talking to you helped me to focus on God being in control. No matter our age...all we do should be for God's glory and honor. Thank you for your faithfulness, your laughter and your compassion every day on the air. Whatever God has planned for you, we (your radio friends) will support and pray for you and Sandy. May God continue to bless you and FLN misnistry.

on 04.13.10 Lori commented

I have enjoyed listening to you on the morning show for years. It has always brighten my drive into work. I as a sister in Christ understand God's calling and being obediant. For that I give you a BIG-HUGE AMEN brother! Please continue on this path in peace and the knowledge that there on many prayers going your way. For those who are being moved around also know you are being guided in a new awesome direction by our Father who knows exactly what He is doing. My prayers and praise go out to all of FLN who daily keep us focused on God who loves us. Denny go in peace as it sounds like you are and enjoy this new adventure that the Lord's is leading you are. Bless Sandy too.

on 04.13.10 Nancy commented

Denny, you have been my morning companion for many years. First with John and then with Sonny. I will miss driving to work with you and the God focused entertainment you provide. I will also miss the great songs you have come up with. It is, however, very difficult to ignore God's calling. It's not usually in a direction we would choose for ourselves. Just trust and obey. We will miss you but the morning show will be in good hands (God's as well as Kurt and Jean's). May God bless you and Sandy.

on 04.13.10 Judi commented

As a fellow "knee pal" (8 surgeries on one, waiting for a complete replacement and 2, including a partial repalcement on the other) I'm with you on the pain/rehab/pain front. I waited until I was 39 to be married, we lost a baby, had a baby, lost a baby, lost my mother-in-law, then lost my husband - all between May 29, 1999 and January 24, 2002. My 21 month old son and I picked up, packed up and moved from Hamburg to Cuba NY. When relatives asked my mother why we moved to Cuvba, I told her to tell them "because that's where God wants us!" Three major knee surgeries later, we're still here, and tomorrow my son will be 10! It seems like just yesterday, but through the grace of God, we are thriving!Once I stopped questioning My Abba Father, and just listen to His still, small voice, I have been filled with such peace!
Do I always understand -No! Do I often want to fight the decisions He has made for me - Yep! But since I expect my own child to do what I say, unquestioningly, BECAUSE I SAID SO,BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER, how can I question what my Father, my Abba, wants for me? Does he know best - Yes! Do we "see the whole horizon" - No! Am I struggling with some pretty horrible times right now? Yes, but he will get us through! He has a plan for all of us, but we aren't always ready to hear it. In your case, what a wonderful, exciting time for you! How wonderful that everyone is so open to the hand of God moving in your life!
I know that God's time is not our time, and that He always provides for us, pushing our limits and drawing the best from each of us. God bless you in your continual journey, and I trust we have not heard the last of you!

on 04.13.10 Denise commented

Since I began listening to FLN in 1997 you have been a constant radio companion, then you and Sandy went on to become friends in Christ, to not just me but many of my students. Your on air presence will be missed but knowing you as I do you are truly following God's will; I know he will bless you in your new position. We have had lots of fun over the years-here's to many more.

on 04.13.10 Leigh commented

Thank you for your open willingness to share with all of us, your daily listeners! We pray God's blessings on you as you venture out in faith to serve Him in a new way. You are an encouragement to us even in your departure.

on 04.13.10 patrick commented

Thank you denny for the fond memories i have been listening for 3 years now since i became a follower of Christ you john and timmy made me laugh God bless you and God speed

on 04.13.10 Debby commented

Ok, Denny-I'm not liking this a lot right now, but I trust that God knows what He's doing! You will be sorely missed on-air! Thanks for being obedient to Him, even when it's not popular. You are in our prayers.

on 04.13.10 judy commented

FlN is the only station on all our radios. I will miss you greatly. I love FLN at all hours, and usually change is hard for me, but I know God is at work, and He alone knows what the future holds for us all! You have a great gift of sharing joy and laughter, and I certainly hope you will be able to continue to visit with us from time to time.

on 04.13.10 judy commented

FlN is the only station on all our radios. I will miss you greatly. I love FLN at all hours, and usually change is hard for me, but I know God is at work, and He alone knows what the future holds for us all! You have a great gift of sharing joy and laughter, and I certainly hope you will be able to continue to visit with us from time to time.

on 04.13.10 Randy commented

Denny, Like so many others, I have listened to you and John for a number of years. What an awsome and team. I have been very fortunate enough to have met you and Sandy at a puppet festival a few years ago and attended your workshops. I wrote to Rick, at the time, what awsome and humble people you were. Then John left, and Randy came up missing, We as fans thought the large lady had sung. Then the "Coach" threw Sonny in and he picked up the ball, and the game, with new players is still the best ticket in town. I've have only been listening to Jean and Kurt a for a few months. They are awsome also, and although you and Sonny will be sadly missed, they will be a great morning show (if they can get up that early). I look forward to hearing Sonny and ?, in the afternoon now also. God bless you for putting what could be pride (for being a well known celebrity) aside, and stepping out into a new calling of service, in His Kingdom. You are loved and will be missed (but not forgotten) greatly!!!!!!!

on 04.13.10 Barb commented

My heart sank when I heard you were leaving. Not another change! But we have made our own over the years in trying to follow the Lord to the best of our ability. You will be missed. I've been a faithful listener since 2001. I know God must have something special for you in the future and I pray that God will bless all that you do.

on 04.13.10 Barb commented

My heart sank when I heard you were leaving. Not another change! But we have made our own over the years in trying to follow the Lord to the best of our ability. You will be missed. I've been a faithful listener since 2001. I know God must have something special for you in the future and I pray that God will bless all that you do.

on 04.13.10 toni commented

i will miss "sonny and denny" i rededicated my life to god in june of last year. you and fln have been on my radio 24/7 in my car and home thank god for good christian people to surround our lives!! god bless you and thank you for reminding us that when god speaks, you listen! enjoy, and keep us all posted on your new journey!

on 04.13.10 Helen commented

The Lord was certainly busy with His children last Oct. as that was the time that He spoke so clearly to my heart in an area of ministry. After 9 years as a MOPS coordinator He made it clear that He was releasing me from the ministry and gave me such incredible peace that could only come from Him. These are His ministries and He will provide! May the Lord bless you in your work for His kingdom!

on 04.13.10 Tom commented

Denny we always enjoyed hearing you and John in the morning. U guys made our day! And also with Sonny. We will really miss hearing u on Fln! God Bless U and Sandy as u follow His leading. In Christ's Love

on 04.13.10 Tom commented

Denny we always enjoyed hearing you and John in the morning. U guys made our day! And also with Sonny. We will really miss hearing u on Fln! God Bless U and Sandy as u follow His leading. In Christ's Love

on 04.13.10 Keith commented

Does this mean our yearly golf outing is canceled? I Jest! Good luck in what ever it is God has in store for you. We will miss you in Odessa!

on 04.13.10 Julie commented

Denny I have come to love listening to you and Sonny in the morning on my way to work and I will greatly miss that. I also listen to Kurt and Jean on the way home from work at night and I know that they will do a great job moving to the mornings and Sonny will be great in the afternoons. I can't wait to hear all of them doing what they do best. I wish you all the peace and comfort with this decision that only God can provide and seems that he has provided for you. You are an awesome and truly inspiring person and I have learned alot by listening to you. I wish you all the best. God Bless You!!

on 04.13.10 Judy commented

HI Denny........wow, couldn't have said it better myself in regard to the entry above by Julie!!

While I was quick to support and congratulate you at Sharathon and was trying not to focus on the missing your wit on the air, I do wish you to know I am thankful for all of the spontaneous humor you bring.......but am so happy for you that you are stepping out in faith......Yaay!!

Thank you for explaining what it is and what it is not! May this change be awesome as it sounds!! Blessings..

on 04.14.10 pam commented

thankyou for reminding all of us that we need to be silent and listen instead of always asking.

on 04.14.10 Dave commented

It is such a shame, me included that when you here news like Denny coming off the air you automatically think bad thoughts. There must have been a fight, people don't like eachother, etc. Rarely do we get excited and think wow God might be up to something big here. We are creatures of habit and don't like change. Thank you for the post to dismiss any untrue thoughts my brain comes up with. I pray that my heart will change in this.

on 04.14.10 Ruth in Frewsburg commented

Oh Denny, what's with the "life in the rearview mirror" thing? You make me feel old! So anyway, I guess if you're hearing God's voice in such an obvious way, then you don't dare say no! But I will really miss you in the mornings. You and John were the reason I started listening to FLN, but I promise to keep listening anyway. And I'll be looking forward to vast new opportunities of creativity that you'll be bringing us! God bless you, buddy.

on 04.14.10 Trudy Cook commented

Denny...I too have more in the rear view mirror than the windshield! But as I retire from 38 years of teaching this year, I'm also looking forward to being able to do more for God on the "front lines"! It's so sweet when God speaks so clearly to us. Experienced that about a year ago when we were led to another church after 52 years in our other one. I will miss you on my drive to school in the AM but will continue to pray for your clear direction from the Lord! Also for the physical pain to subside...been there, done that too! Bless you my dear friend!

on 04.14.10 JM in PA commented

This is the coming of an "End of an Age"!!! Especially for those of us who remember when you first arrived--thinking "Who's this guy?" Well, now we know! And we're really going to miss you-particularly we who were J&D longtime listeners. Sorry, Dennny, but around our house we called you the "Sweetheart" and lovingly John the "Stinker"! A wise old lady once said the only thing "constant" is "change" so we'll survive but know you planted alot of good seed. We'll believe with you that God has "above and beyond" for all of us ahead. Enjoy the journey!!!

on 04.14.10 Martha from HynerPA commented

God certainly has blessed countless people over the years through you and FLN!I will admit I was completely shocked by your announcement, but that is how God works in our lives. I, too, like many others was so sad when John left, but God always finds another servant and has blessed us through Sonny and the new guys .Like John,and the Randy Man, you will be missed, but all selfishness aside, God wants to move more mountains through you and my heart and prayers go with you. He has given you so many talents and I can't wait to see where He leads you next!!!It's amazing how we can love someone that we've never met personally,but my whole family loves you....Vaya con Dios, Martha

on 04.14.10 Mike commented

Denny, I just wanted to thank you for all of the times over the past 5 years that you started my day off with a multitude of smiles (yes, even on Mondays). John and you were one of the main reasons I began listening to FLN. Then you added Timmy and it continued to be a joy in my life. Sonny came along and brought a new and awesome humor to the morning. But you were always the anchor of "Mornings with ..".

This Monday you guys called me and I found out I had won the Odosagih weekend from Share-a-thon. Boy did that start the week off great!! But then on my way to worship practice that night I was hit with the crushing news that you would be leaving the air and Sonny would be moving to afternoons. What a drastic change from the excitment received that morning. I say crushing because I've grown so accustomed to your voice being there every morning. Though through this you have taught me another very important message: Don't get comfortable. Listen for God's voice always. Even though you think you're where you're supposed to be, God has already laid your life out for you. Be silent so that you can hear your next step in life. Thank you so much for being such a great example to all of us and reminding us of this. We love you brother and will be praying for you and Sandy in this new life journey.

on 04.14.10 Debbie commented

Denny, listening to Our Father isn't always easy-especially when you go "huh?" looking at what He has in store for you!
I remember when I lost my job and had to make a total career change. I wasn't sure I could do that because I was so comfortable in my life before the lay-off. I finally listened, have since figured out why the change had to come along (I think), and have totally accepted it. You will too, as well as all your adoring fans, including me. I will miss you and your silliness, but as others have stated, I hope you keep making up the parody songs!! Good luck with this new endeavor, and just have as much fun with it as you have shown us you had while we listened to you for years here on FLN!

on 04.14.10 Nancy in Naples commented

Denny and Sandy
you have truly been a blessing in so many lives. All those gems in your crown will be cast at the feet of The Almighty as you have done and will continue to do your work for His glory. As in life there are cycles in everything, no likes change but we all know it has to come and with it comes growth for all those who wait and trust in the Lord. Like so many have already stated you have been an inspiration in the mornings and we missed John when he moved and followed God's plan. But with change came Sonny! We will continue to listen and support FLN for the greater good it serves. We know you and Sandy will also. Thank you and God bless you as you follow His plan.

on 04.14.10 Ron in depew commented

God moves in mysterious ways.I am glad you are following our LORD and SAVIOR. You will be missed GREATLY;ESPECIALLY at kingdom bound. may GOD truly bless you and sandy in your next ministry.

on 04.14.10 Cindy commented

Too many Christians forget that God has put joy in our hearts. I have truly enjoyed laughing with you John and Sonny over the past 9 years that I have listened to the Morning Shows. You helped me start my day with a smile. I know that God will use you to bring smiles to more people as He works in your life. Thanks for answering God's call.

on 04.14.10 Mike in Wheatfield commented

Denny (and crew) Like everyone else I was taken aback when you announced you were leaving the morning show and all the other changes that were taking place. You are family to me, and you will be missed. My morning routine will be a bit different but I am looking forward to hearing Kurt & Jean in the morning and Sonny on the afternoon. But mostly I look forward to hearing what God is doing with you. Many people do not listen when God is speaking - thanks for sharing your mornings with us for so long, starting them off with God, a smile and encouragement.
God Bless You!

on 04.14.10 Deb commented

Boy, I have only been listening a few years and this is the second big change I have had to adjust to. I am not good with change. But with the Lord's help I am sure I'll get thru this, too.Such is life. I wish you only good things and I hope that if God asks me to make this kind of change I will be as willing and faithful as you have been. God Bless, God Speed

on 04.15.10 Missie commented

You will truly be missed. I've come to expect to get my first dose of laughter from you on FLN each morning. Yet, I know that God has spoken and you must follow, or you'll miss the blessings God has prepared for you on that road. So, I wish you well. As for Kurt and Jean, I've come to enjoy my ride home from work in getting to know both of them. Since I listen to you and Sonny in the mornings on my way to work and Kurt and Jean on my way home, my only concern in all of this is will I know which way I'm going now? I hope to figure out if I'm coming or going in short order. (Pat on the back for you) Good luck, Denny. Great job for following the Lord's calling!

on 04.15.10 Phil in Elmira commented

Whew!! It's relieving to hear someone else hears that "unmistakeable voice." Sometimes it's so clear, it's scary. I've followed that voice to stations in life that fit exactly what I thought I wanted, to others that I went to kicking and screaming all the way. (In each case, looking back, I can now see God's rationale.) But when you profess to trust in the Lord, you have to do just that...trust in the Lord. I know he has something awesome in store for you. You're all gonna do great in your new positions. The Lord knows when he has a good thing, he has to spread it around. I'll pray for all of you to be enlightened with his wisdom as to his "new plan." God Bless you for your hard work and faithfulness to the Lord. Just one favor....please get on the air every so often and do some of your immitations. (everything from your Irish to your Southern accents) Makes me laugh every time.

on 04.15.10 Janice commented

Hi Denny,
I loved the station before you came, and I have no doubt that I will still love it when I no longer hear your voice! I am so glad to hear that your "job description from God is to spread joy and laughter to the body of Christ – and the world." I assume we will still get to enjoy your and Sandy's creative genius! God bless you all.

on 04.15.10 Mike in Van Etten commented

I am glad you are following the Lord in this decision. Can you share with us what you are going to be doing? Are you still going to be with FLN or are you going else where to serve our Lord? May God bless you in what ever you will be doing as you have blessed us.

on 04.15.10 Matt commented

I have been listening since John and Jim did the mornings. I remember many times laughing so hard I was on the wrong side of the road as John and Denny got going. The last piece of the "best morning show ever" is now leaving the air. I will fondly remeber John, Denny, Randy, and Ed on the many miles I travel each morning. Ok Kurt and Gene, You have big shoes to fill. Sonny you are great to I look forward to the PM drive with you. Denny, man Lord bless ya. I will miss you on the air.

on 04.15.10 Jane commented


Every change at FLN was always so hard and left me thinking, "Oh, not another change. I love it the way it is" Then in time, the change just becomes the natural and I love it. I think of all the changes that FLN has gone through in the last 12 yrs that I have been listening. Everyone of them end wonderfully! God is good!

I listen online in the afternoon and have come to really enjoy Jean and Kurt, they will be an amazing morning show team! I enjoy you and Sonny in the morning and I'm sure Sonny will be fantastic in the afternoon.

I will miss you on the air but it is so exciting to see you act out your faith and follow God's call. One of the best things you and John ever did for me in my life, was the many times you told us to turn off the radio right now and pray.... I remember the first time you guys said that, I thought that was odd. I didn't want to turn off the radio. You guys always, always, always gave God the credit.

God Bless you in whatever it is that He has in store for you and Sandy. Thank you for all the years of laughter and joy that you and FLN have brought to my life.

God Bless you always :)

on 04.15.10 Douglas Thran commented

It was with great sorrow that I acknowledged the news of Denny's departure from the morning show. I feel as though am a losing an old and familiar friend, one whose voice and content always brought joy to the hope of a new day, whose positive message provided encouragement to follow the Lord's path for my life. God Bless you Denny and thank you for touching this guys soul with the good news in a way only you can deliver. Best of luck to you and Sandy with your future endeavor and as long as you're on God's trail, you can't go wrong.

PS. Sonny, we'll look forward to following you in the afternoons. You guys know you are impacting many, many lives, but probably can't imagine how richly.

on 04.15.10 Kimi :) & Bruce commented

Well done, Denny....we don't really like change, and to change at this point in life, isn't easy. But, it is clear that God is calling, and we are looking forward to the impact of your gifts and talents in other ways at FLM! And, we'll praise HIM for the results!

Thanks for being sensitive to His leading! Matthew 6:33,34

on 04.16.10 Angel Tucker commented

Hi Denny,

I just wanted to say... "THANK YOU" You have done so much for so many ... I've only been a beleiver for the past 8 years and listening to the morning show has greatly impacted my life. The morning show CD's were key in my kids coming to know the Lord. They know them all by heart! Great fun with an awesome message.

Listening and laughing with the morning show became the norm for my morning commute to work. You will be missed, but we all respect you for following God's will for your life as we all need to do as well. My husband and I along with our family wish you all the best in your new ventures. Blessings in Christ
The Tucker Family

on 04.16.10 Becky commented

Denny, I've only been listening to FLN for about a year and half, and I've enjoyed the station immensely. Best wishes!

on 11.05.10 Kenneth Tidd commented

I am sorry to here that you are gone. You have to do what God whats you to do.I always loved to listen to the john and denny show and it will always be missed in my family. Have a good lie and God bless you.