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In its simplest expression, the icon represents relationship between husband, wife, and child. Each family member gives and receives love—the uniting force of relationship.

Just as families exchange love between themselves, so do The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three God-Persons have the ultimate relationship. Ever giving and receiving love in perfect union – so wholly that each is never without the other.

This sounds provocative, but that’s the Trinity. The concept is just short of mind blowing. Now get ready for this one.

Our human family reflects His Holy Family. Family is the ultimate expression of God’s nature. The intimacy between husband and wife, parent and child, is a reflection of the life-giving relationship between The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This implies that we as human beings share qualities with God, relationally and in personality. It sounds improbable, and to some extent irreverent, but the Bible backs it up. You and I are like God.

“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

God doesn’t have a body so the uniqueness can’t be physical. As spirit, He’s a perfect blend of the male and female characters.

This concept is hard to grasp. We certainly don’t feel like God-imitators.

So what went wrong? Maybe the better question is what is wrong? Sin—the heavy-weight destroyer of perfect relationship. We cringe at the disease. It doesn’t belong. Man was created for more. Much more.

Enter Jesus who takes away the sins of the world. Connection restored. Access to God made possible.

So we pray: “Father, thank you for the gift of family. You sent Jesus – your family – to suffer and die for the totality of human sin. A disease you hate and can’t even look upon for you are love. We have no way of paying you back, so instead, we honor you with what we have. We honor you by loving those you gave us – our families, and by loving Christ, your Son. Amen.”


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on 01.12.10 Nancy Carmichael commented

The Bible does inded back these statements up. Our challenge is to steep ourselves in The Word rather than in our comfortable traditions.
Good for you, John Carter... ;^)

on 11.23.09 Vivian Houk commented

I just found your blog today when I was looking for Family Life Conferences for 2010. I love what you have written: description of your logo and the reference to the Godhead as the perfect blend of male and female. I have written a book called "Parenting by Design" that will be published after the first of the year. I am hoping to be able to set up book tables and do a few workshops for parents and leaders of parent groups over the course of this next year. I believe we have similar views, so it was fun to find this blog. Thanks.

on 11.24.09 John Carter commented

Thanks Vivian. We appreciate the comment!

on 01.19.10 Judy commented

Woah, very well written explanation of the Trinity and how family relationships are similar... I definitely need to press into understanding that concept! Cool.

on 02.14.11 Sandy B. commented

I'm new at this,but it really made sense how the
Trinity,relates to family.When you asked the question what went wrong,I wondered what this meant?Are you in active ministry? Our Holy family
gives us a blueprint to follow them by and the divine words of life to live daily by is God's
greatest gift to His children.Thanks and God bless

Sandy B