Enlarge our territory?

07.14.10 | Comments[1]

Enlarge our territory – that’s a big phrase that can mean a lot of different things.  But I’m thinking maybe we need a reality check where that’s concerned.  I mean, do we really know who we are & what’s at stake?

We live in the ordinary, everyday of our lives.  Joys, struggles, stumbles. We go to church, go to our jobs, try to pay our bills, watch our children grow, and in the flow of it all we aren’t always tuned in to the way things really are. The truth is we are strangers in a strange land.  We occupy hostile territory bordering a battlefield strewn with lives to be taken out – or delivered.

Warfare storms around us, and hand to hand, we wrestle with darkness itself to deliver those enslaved by it.  I don’t mean to be overly dramatic or poetic, but this is real, folks.  I don’t know all that the phrase “enlarge our territory” encompasses, but I know that it’s more than simply the here and now acquisition of 5 more radio stations.   

It’s not about meeting our needs… or your needs…

It’s not about music or personalities…

In fact, it’s not even about Family Life. It’s about seeing the world as it is… and realizing that, placed in your hands, is the only antidote to a living and forever death.  It’s no less than obedience to our King… it’s stepping up and stepping out.

I can’t say if giving to this project is what God’s calling you to do. But I do know that He is calling all of us – you, me and Family Life – to step up and step out into something bigger than ourselves. We’re beckoned out to join a great adventure, though we don’t know all it will ask of us. We’re being called… called to shed a comfortable skin or two and take that leap of faith, wherever it takes us.

Enlarge our territory – a big big phrase. I think it means more than we can even dream…


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on 10.10.10 Robin Kahle commented

Is there still a plan for a translator for the farmington township